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Vegan Cabbage hummus wraps

24 May

Cabbage wraps are the sort of thing which you can perfect after failing a few times, each time, just like with everything else – you realize what that tiny imperfection is which is lacking in the dish and try to fix it.

My main problem is always getting the wraps to actually wrap well without falling apart or cutting in half and i’v finally worked out the magic recipe.

1. Carefully remove whole cabbage leaves trying not to rip them. Rinse well.
2. Place in a boiling pan for 10-15 minuets to soften.
3. Leave to cool for 5 minuets.
4. Spread the hummus
5. Add your chopped veggies in the middle.
6. And wrap.

-red cabbage

Hint: for extra thickness and crisp you can use two cabbage leaves for each wrap! Add a layer of hummus between each layer for a DOUBLE ROLL!!!

20140523-022942 pm.jpg


Carrot and spinach healthy wrap

17 Oct

20131016-070803 am.jpg

Another lovely wrap idea full of lovely nutritious veggies that will fill you up with energy rather than drain it away!

The key to making any sandwhich or wrap is to make sure you’re piling it up with 70% vegetables and a little bit of protein which can be chicken, cheese or fish.

You can have this by either cooking the spinach in water to soften it, and boiling the carrots, for a hot sandwich idea, i wanted to stay with the “half-raw” benefit of having the vegetables fresh in order not to kill any of the nutrients, but either way, it is a great, low-calorie wrap!

Spread some yogurt on the tortilla roll and add the spinach and carrot sticks, i also added some thinly sliced celery sticks; add the chicken and wrap it up tightly.


6 Aug

The thing i loved about these tortilla is that they are so easy to make, and although i thought making my own tortilla from SCRATCH was going to be a hassle, and i’d have to face my mum after turning the whole kitchen upside down, it turned out to be surprisingly simple and hardly anything got messy, my mum was even happy to make some more again 🙂

So i used normal all-purpose flour but I’m sure you can use wheat flour as well to make it even healthier,

1 cup flour

2 cups spinach cooked slightly in water)

3 tablespoons of water (use water from spinach)


after cooking the spinach for a few minuets and it goes a little soft, add it to the flour, you can season with salt and pepper i also added cayenne pepper.

when making the tortillas add more flour on the surface and if it needs any extra.

Spray a pan with a little bit of olive oil and on medium heat place each thin tortilla for a few minuets on each side!

Having these in the fridge was so helpful, whenever you want a healthy-light lunch, you can fill it up with so many veggies, chicken and anything you can think of to make a nice healthy wrap 🙂

i also made mine quite small in size so that when i make the wraps it won’t add up to be too many calories and make me bloated. IMG_0053