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Chicken with black beans and cashew nuts

29 Oct

This weekend, i decided to get some weight off my mum’s shoulder and cook lunch. obviously, i had to do something that would defeanately be edible as it would not only mean me starving but my family, and we don’t want that (they wouldn’t make me enter the kitchen ever again)

so i decided to go for a simple, healthy, chicken recipe.

it’s sort of like a stir-fry. but its just not fried‚Ķcompletely.


1.boil some noodles.

2.boil some black beans or get canned ones.

3.cut chicken breasts in small pieces and cook (i used 1 tablespoon of olive oil)

4.add any herbs (i used nutmeg and black pepper)

5.add chopped peppers and mushrooms and beans with the chicken.

6.when everything is ready and cooked pour the chicken and vegetables on the noodles and sprinkle some cashew nuts.


the best thing about it, was you only had to eat a small portion to really fill you up. it had carbohydrates, protein and vegetables so is really well balances and everyone can make it!


i just love mixing some healthy veggies with chicken and always end up with a revolutionary plate. it can never go wrong, ad you can make it your own by adding your favorite vegetables!