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Apple and chia nachos

1 Mar

So it’s lent which means a bunch of us decide to feel good about ourselves and give something we love up, wether its because of religious, moral or even personal reasons to prove to ones self that they in fact do have that so-called “will-power”

Having gone through this every year, given up milk, chocolate and even facebook in previous years i wanted a real challenge this year.

Living in Cyprus the 50 days of lent are celebrated(?) by the conventional fast – all the restaurants (yes, including McDonalds) introduce fasting menus including veggie burgers, fish and people’s diets suddenly transform into greener, veggie and fibre dense diets.

So, i decided to go with the conventional fast this year, mainly because of the constrictions it places on the individual – no meat or any dairy products. (Let me add a sidenote – i virtually live on yogurt…)Lucky for all of you, the next couple of weeks you will have the honour of following me in my journey of basically going vegan (having decided to give up seafood also)

So the first veganized dish which I enjoyed today as a breakfast and pre-workout snack is a fruit nacho dish with homemade chia drizzles.

Chia sauce:
2 tablespoons chia
4 tablespoons water (judge until right consistency)
1 teaspoon honey (not vegan!!)
1 teaspoon tahini (or any nut-butter of choice)

Mix all the ingredients together and drizzle over some thinly chopped apples and carrots.



Date and walnut swirls

22 Feb


Great for a snack, a twisted addition to your cocktail party or a perfect way to start your day with a sweet and savoury blend of breakfast, these little swirls of sweet are definitely on my ‘things I can eat and never get bored’ list.

As i always promise with all my recipes – it is EXTREMLY simple all you need is 4 basic ingredients:

Chopped dates
Chopped walnuts
Tortilla bread (I used lebanese flatbreads)
Light Philadelphia cheese

Start off by spreading Philadelphia all over the tortilla and then sprinkle the chopped dates and walnuts all around. Roll tightly and chop diagonally.

Their easiness makes them the perfect thing to do in a party as you can easily make a large number, you will also get ALOT (trust me) of comments on the uniqueness of the roll, and that is always a good thing – you don’t want to serve ham and cheese sandwiches which everyone has eaten a little to many of. I recently made these for a charity marathon i was organizing and I had people ask to take away a few to have the next morning – I think that is proof enough for their success!

Raw ‘quick carrot-cake pudding’

21 May

It had been quite a while since i tried to make one of those delicious super sweet-tooth-satisfier puddings that always surprise me whenever i take the first creamy bite with their rich taste.

To be able to keep any lifestyle you have to make things easier and simpler for yourself. Being only a high school student stuck in the labyrinth called “final exams” i needed something quick, refuelling, energizing and also simple to make with no preplanning. So this is for you if you’re always rushing but want to have just a few seconds to indulge yourself without needing to buy a frozen pudding from the supermarket.

3 soaked dates
1 carrot chopped
1 green apple chopped
Walnuts(nut of choice – i used almonds because yum!)

Add all in food processor and keep pulsing until you reach a perfect smooth consistency, top with some crushed walnuts.

Spinach and rye flatbreads

26 Apr

When you get into the habit of always having a nice colorful salad for your lunch or dinner, you need to make sure you have a good balance of all the macronutrients you need.

Wether its a grilled salmon or chicken for protein or some source of healthy fats like olive oil.

Most people also seem to always make the mistake of thinking they’re enjoying the healthiest meal ever- a salad- but having a bread basket as a side which they devour and ruin the whole point of a “low calorie high nutrition dish”

If you feel like you need something starchy and bready with your salads, make your own! That way you know exactly what has gone in them, they can always be enjoyed fresh and most importantly they are unproccessed.

1 cup rye flour (and 1/2cup for when opening up the dough)
2 cups cooked spinach

Sautee the finely chopped spinach unti l smooth and gradually add to the flour and knead.
If the dough needs a little moisture add 1 tbsp of the leftover water when you sauteed the spinach to get the right consistency.

Divide into 6 mini balls and start opening up on a floured surface into thin circles.

Spray a pan with some olive oil spray and add each circle for 2 minuets on each side.

You have to make sure you get them thin enough to be able to be well cooked on the pan.

If they’re a bit thicker you can place them in the oven for 20 minuets.

Store in fridge.

You can enjoy them:
With salads
As a wrap (great with smoked salmon)

20140425-080440 am.jpg

Choco-chia pud

21 Apr

20140418-090059 am.jpg

Just as promised another chia seed pudding and this one is truly to die for.

Once you get used to your new ingredient and know exactly the consistency and texture it brings then its so much easier to add it to your daily dishes to enhance them or change them up a bit to make sure you are getting the full spectrum of vitamins and nutrients that you need.

So here is the chocolate goodness that makes me feel sorry for everyone who still craves sugary processed ice cream and finds it hard to give up in order to “loose a few kilos” it makes me sad that its so hard for people to psychologically accept that this right here is all natural given to us by earth and tasted so much more amazing and gives our body energy as well as not adding those extra pounds which everyone today fears!

1 frozen banana
3 cups raw spinach
1 date
1 tbsp raw cacao powder
5 cashews
1 tbsp chia seeds
1/2 cup water
6 ice cubes

Blend water with banana and spinach to get the liquidy consistency, add and blend all the other ingredients except for the chia seeds.

Mix in the chia last with just a spoon.

Leave to set in fridge for around 2 hours.

Get yourself psychologically prepared to taste the most luscious chocolaty desert ever.

Cottage cheese bowl with mint and kiwi

23 Mar

I’ll warn you that the next few posts will all include some form of mint, wether in tea, salads or in some deserty sweets snacks, it is my new found obsession! So, i will share with you the joy of discovering adding these blissful leaves to my meals.

This is a great -quick to prepare – snack which you can enjoy after a workout or anytime really.

2 tablespoons cottage cheese
1/2 kiwi
A few mint leaves – depends on your preference.
Orange zest

Chop the mint and kiwi finely, or if you prefer keep the kiwis in bigger cubes and mix, add a drizzle of lemon and some orange zest and you’re ready to go! How very refreshing, just the smell makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated!

20140322-084100 am.jpg

The simplest twist to enjoy your toast!

23 Dec

Sometimes i have periods where i an completely against toast, too many carbs and i just feel like it’s not natural enough, its too proccessed and your body wont benefit in any way.
Thats where – i beleive- i made a mistake , by choosing whole wheat bread s and toast, yore giving yourself the energy it needs from carbs as well as that fullness and satisfaction, sometimes having too much vegetables can cause you to be bloated and you need something to relax your stomach, its also a great carb- food that you can have warm and crunchy which can easily substitute things like waffles and cakes in the morning or afternoon with only 70 calories!!
So just one more thing is left, how to give your toast that extra taste if you dont like it plane,

1.peanut butter
2. Honey
3. Carob
4. Some warmed raisins

But the absolute best with hardly any extra calories but a hugee difference in flavour

5. Sprinkle some cinammon on the toast!! Its great and delicious, whole wheat toast with cinammon sprinkle, you wont be buying any 400 calorie cinnabuns anytime soon.

20131221-115846 am.jpg

Carob and yogurt – the perfect snack?

1 Nov

I feel like i need to make a better use of the lovely natural foods of my amazing island. Full of nutrients, agriculture and just natural gifts all around us; whenever tourists visit the first thing that strikes them about cyprus is how “fresh all the food is”

Carob is a big produce in the villages in cyprus, and also tastes amazing with a lot of different foods.

Yogurt (greek non-fat plain 1/2 cup)
Carob (1tbpsp)

Just mix the two and it tastes like a mixture of chocolate/ peanutbutter and honey, well that’s why i love it!!

20131030-065746 am.jpg

Black eyed bean dip

12 Oct

20131011-064548 AM.jpg

A usual dip i always like to have; is hummous. But i wanted to try something new, something that will also gove you great nutrients and plenty of protein, something that can go well with any veggies or fruits for a great dip for lunch or a snack.

Black eyed beans was the answer; staring back at me as i opened the cupboard.
I lovee black eyed beans, and thought, why not make a great dip out of them?

Start off by soaking the beans in water for around 10 hours (overnight) then boil until they become very soft.

My advice for making normal black eyed beans are the softer they are the better they taste, so be patient and soak+ boil them for as long as you can. Then add the beans to a blender and pulse until pureed. Squeeze some honey, and you can even chop up some parsley and mix it in, i left mine with just honey.

Enjoy it with some cucumber, celery and carrot sticks.

Cottage cheese and peach!

24 Sep

20130921-034211 PM.jpg

Cottage cheese is probably the healthiest and leaat calorie-dense cheese i have come across, with only 100 calories per serving, it really is a perfect choice for all you cheese lovers!

The thing that amazes me the most about cottage cheese is its versatility, you can have it in a wrap or inside a sandwhich as a light lunch or with some fruit or honey as a sweet snack!

I had some cottage cheese with some chopped peaches and it really filled me up and was a great snack!

I’d love to hear even more lovely cottage cheese ideas 🙂