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Apple and chia nachos

1 Mar

So it’s lent which means a bunch of us decide to feel good about ourselves and give something we love up, wether its because of religious, moral or even personal reasons to prove to ones self that they in fact do have that so-called “will-power”

Having gone through this every year, given up milk, chocolate and even facebook in previous years i wanted a real challenge this year.

Living in Cyprus the 50 days of lent are celebrated(?) by the conventional fast – all the restaurants (yes, including McDonalds) introduce fasting menus including veggie burgers, fish and people’s diets suddenly transform into greener, veggie and fibre dense diets.

So, i decided to go with the conventional fast this year, mainly because of the constrictions it places on the individual – no meat or any dairy products. (Let me add a sidenote – i virtually live on yogurt…)Lucky for all of you, the next couple of weeks you will have the honour of following me in my journey of basically going vegan (having decided to give up seafood also)

So the first veganized dish which I enjoyed today as a breakfast and pre-workout snack is a fruit nacho dish with homemade chia drizzles.

Chia sauce:
2 tablespoons chia
4 tablespoons water (judge until right consistency)
1 teaspoon honey (not vegan!!)
1 teaspoon tahini (or any nut-butter of choice)

Mix all the ingredients together and drizzle over some thinly chopped apples and carrots.



Lemon and thyme fish

14 Jun

Fish is a great addition to a diet to add a variety of different sources of protein, it is full of healthy fats and also a great source of omega 3 (which ladies….prevents stretch marks!!)

You also have a HUGE variety of different fish which you can choose from making it so much less repetitive to have it as a meal at least three times per week.

This is a very easy way to bake your fish in the oven, while giving it as much flavour from fresh ingredients. I loved the simplicity of this dish as well as how every thing you added is completely natural and beneficial for your body!

1 lemon
White fish of choice
2 teaspoons olive oil
Handful thyme

Place an aluminum foil on your baking tray and add a layer of chopped lemon at the bottom, Add handful (or more) of spinach and mushrooms and place more lemon pieces on top. Place your fish on top, rub with some lemon, 1 teaspoon olive oil and fresh thyme. Drizzle with 1 teaspoon olive oil. And place in the oven for around 40 minuets.

Enjoy with a side of brown or wild rice and some cayenne pepper.

20140614-065956 am-25196320.jpg

20140614-065955 am-25195398.jpg

White bean feast – beans and veggies done right!

9 Jun

Beans. The haven of every vegetarian and vegan out there, known for its great source of protein. Its also a great healthy addition to your salads as well as making them more exciting and tasty, helping you reach your macronutrient goals. They’re a great source of natural protein given to us, and are abundant in so many different kinds, there is no fear of getting bored with the endless choices/sizes/colours and flavours of the bean world as well as how you can add them to your dish.

I love my beans when they’re slightly over boiled making them sort of mushy and soft but not too creamy.

1 cup boiled white beans
2 teaspoons olive oil
Chopped zuchinni
Chopped eggplant
Chopped peppers
Chopped lemon
Cayenne pepper
100grams tuna in water (optional non-vegetarian)

Add the olive oil in a pan and sauté the veggies and lemon until tender. Place as a side to your plain white beans and drizzle with some balsamic vinegar.

I loved the simplicity of the dish, you can really enjoy the taste of the white beans as it is. Instead of diminishing its benefits by adding lots of extra oil, accompany it with some juicy vegetables instead!

20140609-094905 am-35345205.jpg

Bulgur wheat salad with vegetables and feta cheese

4 Jun

The great nutritious benefits of bulgur wheat are way undermined, i personally think it doesn’t get enough “media attention” (can we actually call it that?) being such a great substitute to processed carbohydrates such as white rice or pastas, you can include bulgur in so many different dishes, hot or cold, in salads, and even turn it into a sweet twist with some raisins and fruit.

It tastes absolutely delicious and really does keep you full, our body needs its carbohydrates for energy especially active people if you like to cycle or go jogging. Instead of substituting your rice which you have been “frightened” of because of what you have read online, that definitlly, 100% does not mean all carbs are bad!!!!! And bulgur wheat is a great ingredient to add to your diet.

4 tbsp raw bulgur wheat
1 tomato chopped
1/2 onion chopped
4 mushrooms
1/2 egg plant
40gr feta cheese
2 tsp olive oil

Chop the onions and add to a pan with the olive oil, add in the tomato. Add bulgur and water and leave to boil.

In a pan add chopped egg plant and mushrooms on low heat for 10 minuets until tender.

When bulgur is ready mix in the mushrooms and egg plant, mix in the feta and start combining on low heat.

Pour on top of your salad and season with some cayenne pepper.

You have your carbs, your protein, your veggies, and your healthy fats! And most importantly it tastes absolutely amazing and allows you to have a plate full of food. Thats what makes a delicious and nutritious meal 😉 No need to have one piece of lettuce and cucumber on an empty plate to be categorized as “healthy.”

20140604-080354 pm-72234103.jpg

Stuffed sweet potato

26 May

20140526-074200 am.jpg

There’s nothing better accompanying your chicken dish then a warm and soft sweet potato to dig into, adding sweetness to your plate but also being a great satisfaction to those “carb lovers” out there, who need something starchy to keep them full and happy – there’s no need to deprive yourself of what you love – that definitely won’t make you happy and you will find it so hard to stick to your diet plan in the long run. It should be small changes and substitutes that are made because they cause your body to react better, using the energy more efficiently and therefore you end up being much more active without even knowing why!

120 gr chicken
180gr sweet potato

For the filling:
2 mushrooms
1/2 onion
Handfull parsley (optional)

This dish is an easy – place in the oven and wait – sort of dish.

Add both chicken with thyme and black pepper inside an aluminum foil and a sweet potato.

While they’re cooking, chop some mushrooms, onion, parsley, and spinach.

Add a teaspoon of olive oil on a non-stick pan and fry the onions, throw in the other vegetables and keep mixing until thoroughly cooked and soft.

Cut the baked sweet potato in half and place the mountain of veggies inside!

Green egg pancakes

25 May

As weird as this sounds/looks and as surprised as my dad was when I was preparing this, the amount of mocking i was faced with only turned to absolute curiosity and amazement as my parents were astonished with the final result, all wanting to “taste it”

That is always a proud moment – to prove that my crazy healthy ideas actually form decent dishes! = success!

1 cup raw spinach
2 eggs
1 cup grated zuchinni
Olive oil spray

Blend the spinach and eggs with either a smoothie blender or a soup maker. Mix in the grated zuchinni. Spray a non-stick pan with some olive oil and pour the mixture. (Makes 2 pancakes)

You can either enjoy with some low fat cottage cheese for a savory treat and some tomatoes and cucumber on the side. Or if you’re feeling like desert drizzle some honey and cinnamon with some chopped apple slices.

20140524-121547 pm.jpg

Vegan Cabbage hummus wraps

24 May

Cabbage wraps are the sort of thing which you can perfect after failing a few times, each time, just like with everything else – you realize what that tiny imperfection is which is lacking in the dish and try to fix it.

My main problem is always getting the wraps to actually wrap well without falling apart or cutting in half and i’v finally worked out the magic recipe.

1. Carefully remove whole cabbage leaves trying not to rip them. Rinse well.
2. Place in a boiling pan for 10-15 minuets to soften.
3. Leave to cool for 5 minuets.
4. Spread the hummus
5. Add your chopped veggies in the middle.
6. And wrap.

-red cabbage

Hint: for extra thickness and crisp you can use two cabbage leaves for each wrap! Add a layer of hummus between each layer for a DOUBLE ROLL!!!

20140523-022942 pm.jpg

Italian style lentil bruschetta

20 May

When it comes to italian cuisine, the mere smell of things makes you hungry and when youre trying to remake an italianndish you really have to make sure you’ve included all the vital ingredients, cooked them just right to get the perfect consistency, temperature and balance to be able to say “perfecto!”

Lentils are a great natural food, perfect for vegans and vegatarians, full of so many benificial minerals for our body as well as the ease of eating them without feeling bloated, they provide us with both carbohydrates and proteins so are the perfect fuel for a balanced meal!

1 cup cooked lentils
1 teaspoon olive oil
1/2 chopped onion
1 tomato
1 cucumber
2 cups lettuce
Black pepper
1 slice brown bread (of choice)

1. Boil lentils of choice (i used mix) leave to cool
2 add 1 teaspoons olive oil to a non-stick pan, and add the chopped onions followed by the chopped basil and cilantro, thyme, black pepper, sea salt.
Mix in the cooked lentils and leave to cool.
Mix in with salad: fresh basil, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber.

1 piece of toast as a side, to dip into the “bruschetta” salad,

Optional: drizzle with some olive oil

20140519-115719 am.jpg

Carrot and raisin quinoa pilaf

17 May

This was a bowl of heaven. The best thing about pilafs is that they truly are comfort foods, you have the freedom to just mix in lots of ingredients, and easily scoff down. When you choose to add in healthy ingredients, you don’t get that bloated feeling afterwards and the energy you get is used much more efficiently by your body! Quinoa is also a great source of protein as well as carbohydrates, so it really comes to a well balanced meal.

You get the sweetness of the raisins and the crunchiness of the pine nuts, the nutty flavour of the quinoa with the refreshing carrot and tomato to add flavouring topped with that extra “caramelized” onion hint in every bite.

1/2 small onion chopped
1 tomato chopped
1 grated carrot
4 tbsp raw quinoa
1 tsp olive oil
3 tablespoons raisins
3 tablespoons pine nuts

Optional: (not vegan)
200 gr low fat greek yogurt

Start by boiling your quinoa, while its boiling chop your ingredients and have them ready.
Add the olive oil in a pan and start by adding the onions for a minuet, followed by the tomatos and then the cooked quinoa. Stir and add the carrot, raisins and pine nuts. Mix and keep on the heat for a minuet then place in a huge bowl and enjoy with some yogurt. Or even coconut yogurt for my vegan buddies out there 🙂

Go make it for your saturday night-in treat instead of calling that delivery guy, and come back and thank me later 🙂
Best quinoa dish I’v made by far!

20140517-070744 am.jpg

Vegan Pea-pesto!

16 May

No one can say no to that extra refreshing taste and smell of pesto.
The famous italian sauce which makes anyone hungry just by smelling it. So, for an addition to a well balanced meal, some homemade pesto can be part of your chicken dish in the healthiest, creamiest way, this really turned out with a great consistency and has only 3 ingredients it would be a great use for a sauce in your pastas or a “super” dressing for your salad.

1 cup peas
Handful (the more the better) fresh basil leaves
Black pepper to taste

That’s all there is to it, just blend your ingredients in a food processor until you get the right creamy consistency, try not to lick the blades off your food processor though, i know the smell is just TOO tempting! 🙂

20140516-065734 am.jpg

20140516-065725 am.jpg