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Blue cheese and broccoli penne

8 Oct


Blue cheese dressings are a very common high-calorie salad dressing, the highly popular ranch dip has that tangy taste of the blue cheese which makes it different and unique than all other cheeses.

Now, a lot of people find the fact that i love blue-cheese but it truly is a very versatile and luxurious flavour and although it might not be the perfect “diet” food, its one of the easiest cheeses to include in your pasta dishes with only a small proportion making a huge difference, and so this is the perfect and super easy sauce complementing a simple boiled pasta and broccoli bowl, which can transform into a five-star restaurant dish.

1 cup penne boiled
1 cup broccoli
1 tbsp crumbled blue cheese
3 tbsp greek-yogurt (lf)
Black pepper
Himalayan salt
Mint leaves

Boil pasta and broccoli. Once ready add the mixture of blue cheese, herbs and yogurt (a little water might be needed to smoothen) mix and garnish with some mint leaves.


Healthy pasta – spaghetti blogonese with feta cheese and veggies

21 Jan

20140121-070621 am.jpg
When having pasta for dinner, there’s to things you need to MAKE sure you do to prevent overeating too many starchy calories that will do you no good.
1.) go for the wholewheat – even more delicious
2. Mount up those veggies

With my brown pasta i boiled some broccoli and cabbage. It just adds an edge to the meal and makes it more interesting.

Add the mince meat – cook with fresh tomatoes to prevent using canned tomato sauces and add a few basil leaves for that extra flavour. Use OLIVE OIL!

Finally, cheese is known to be high in cholestrol, but a perfect pasta dish isnt complete without being topped with cheese, and we’re not preventing ourselves from ANYTHING. sprinkle some feta cheese on top, it adds saltiness and an amazing taste, perfect with the mince meat!

Finally – my favourate part – spices!! I added some cayenne and black pepper to boost up those flavours even more!

Who said you cant enjoy a healthy spaghetti dish?

Enjoy your pasta and stay healthy!

26 Oct

20131026-092829 am.jpg

Pasta. The sound of it usually makes me think it is a big fat “no no” for a healthy diet. Very starchy and full of carbs, sounds like quite a fattening food for me, especially when accompanied with sauces, and eating a huge mountain ofnit kn your plate.

Secret no. 1:
Go brown!!! Whole wheat pasta! Higher in fibre and trust me tastes so much better. It feels more like real food, without being so processed!

Secret no. 2:
A bed of lettuce!
This fills up your plate before even piling on the pasta, that way you’ll only feel the need to add a little bit of pasta to your dish and therefore get just the right amount of carbs you need as well as an addition of great fresh greens.

Secret no.3
You choice of ‘dressing’
Choose a good source of protein that will keep you full, no sauces full of fat and butter that will add nothing good to your diet, you can add chicken, meat cooked in olive oil spray, tuna, shrimps, be creative but don’t overdo it!

Secret no. 3
No cheese? I personally am able to enjoy my pasta without sprinkling grated cheese on top, but even that is possible, choose something low fat with a strong taste that will only need a little to make a big difference! My personal favorite is halloumi cheese!

Hope that helps all you crazy loving pasta peeps.

Healthy vegetable pasta

1 Oct

20130926-084330 PM.jpg

This is another post for all you vegans and vegetarians out there but its so delicious im pretty sure everyone will want to try it 🙂

Whole wheat pasta (i always make sure i dont put too much because if i boil more than a portion ill most probably eat it if its sitting infront of me even if in full)
Grated carrots
Red bell pepper
Yellow bell pepper
1 tbsp olive oil
Cayenne pepper
Black pepper

Start off by boiling your pasta.
In a different pan add the olive oil and the mushrooms, then gradually add chopped peppers and carrot.
When pasta is ready, drain and pour into a plate adding the vegetables on top, season with some pepper and enjoy with a side salad!

Low fat mushroom and herb pasta

9 Jun



INGREDIENTS: (1 serving)

whole wheat pasta

mushrooms (the more the merrier)

1 garlic clove

handful of parsley

a few basil leaves

1 small onion

1 tablespoon olive oil

juice of one lemon


black pepper

cayenne pepper




Put one tablespoon of olive oil in a pan and add the diced onions with half the mushrooms and garlic.

Boil your pasta.

When the pasta is boiled add it to the onions and sprinkle some herbs.

Fill a saucepan with a little bit of water and heat with the other half of the mushrooms, this will give it a different consistency, add some garlic and parsley.

Pour the pasta onto a plate and add the separate mushrooms on top. You’ll have two different consistencies of mushroom therefore giving the dish a bit of ‘personality’

Optional: sprinkle some parmesan cheese on top!



Low fat meatballs and spinach pasta!

31 May

My mum was making meatballs for lunch and so i took it as an opportunity to invent my own healthy recipe using meatballs, something nutritious, filling, and at the same time full of taste!


For one person:

6 meatballs.

1/2 cup of boiled brown pasta

1/2 cup boiled cauliflower

for the sauce:

1 cup chopped spinach

2 small diced tomatoes

basil (i used dried basil because we didn’t have any fresh leaves)


Put the spinach and tomato, with a little bit of water in a pan and over high heat till it becomes soft.  the mixture of spinach and tomato was absolutely delicious, so juicy and soft, i wish i’d done more!

Sprinkle: black pepper, red pepper (if you dare)  and enjoy! IMG_9364


Tomato and Tuna Pasta

1 Apr

IMG-20130330-WA002Yet another tuna recipe!

It has been stamped in my head that tuna is a “cold” meal, i never have it warm or cooked, therefore i feel like i don’t really fancy it a lot during the winter especially!

So, I decided to try something completely different, Warm pasta and tuna, it was a completely new taste for me


1 cup whole wheat pasta

1 small chopped tomato

tomato sauce

1 garlic clove

1 can of tuna

Spray pan with some olive oil and put chopped garlic, add the tomato, tomato sauce and then add the boiled pasta and tuna, toss until warm and season with some black pepper!