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Savoury oats!

24 Mar

I finally found the opportunity to try this out and can not beleive i have waited this long!

Forget about rissotto and pastas, this is the answer to all your questions. To all those carb cravings you have, the cheessy texture and flavour and just to enjoy that creamy rissotto with some chicken.

The answer is savoury porridge.

Its so much simpler, easier, tastier, healthier – everything-er- its just the best- i can not express my enthusiasm enough.

So, hoping to have persuaded you to get off your butts after reading this post and make yourself a bowl of savoury oats , here are the magic ingredients:

Surprise surprise:
1/4 cup oats
1 slice emmental cheese
Egg white
1 cup spinach
1/2 chicken breast grilled
Black pepper

Add water to the oats and bring to a boil, adding in the spinach and mixing, add extra water gradually if needed – but make sure you do not make it too watery.

Add the egg white and keep mixing, as well as the cheese.

Pour in a bowl, top off with the grilled chicken and season with black pepper!

Yes it does sound delicious, i know 🙂

20140324-040354 pm.jpg


Green tea Overnight oats

18 Feb

20140218-040645 pm.jpg

Wouldn’t you like to wakeup with this cute little pot waiting for you patiently in the fridge? Whenever i decide to make overnight oats i get the pleasant surprise of remebering that i dont have to rush my breakfast time by spending extra minuets which i don’t have to prepare a good delicious breakfast AND eat it before going to school. I can relax, enjoy my breakfast in peace while reading a book or catching up with the daily news before the day begins. That is the magic of over night oats – apart from the amazing taste and energy it provides ofcourse.

1/4 cup green tea – warm normally prepared 1 teabag.
1/2 cup quaker oats
1/4 cup soya milk
Handful raisins
1 tablespoon sunflower seed
1/2 tablespoon flaxseed
1 apple chopped
1 teaspoon honey
Flaked almond

Although it looks pretty small, after eating in the morning, i was full of soo much energy i had a huge urge to even do a little morning workout before school – something i usually do only in the afternoon, so i guess the body’s response is the main proof that this really is the PERFECT breakfast!

Date flapjacks

3 Feb

I haven’t made flapjacks in quite a long time and i’d forgotten how they are a wonderful energy source for when you’re having a long day of either revision or even hard physical labour. For me, they feel like a guilty pleasure simply because they taste so good, but having said that, there’s nothing that should make you feel guilty after having a piece of these bad boys. What’s even better? They take like 5 minuets to make using the normal ingredients you would usually have at home!

2 cups oats
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon date syrup
2 chopped dates
Handfull sunflower seeds
1/2 tablespoon flaxseed
Handful Chopped walnuts
1 egg

The nuts and seeds will really add to the nutritious factor of the flapjacks, giving you much more power and a long lasting energy source!

Place in oven for 20 minuets and cut in peices before leaving to cool!

20140203-065347 am.jpg

Egg white oats – extra protein porridge

9 Jan

For those of you who are looking for ways to add more protein to your diet, this is the perfect breakfast or post-workout meal.

I’v always heard of egg white oats but never really tried them until this week where i really liked the idea and great opportunity of adding that extra protein into my oats, as well thickening it up and definitely keeping me full for a longer time.

1/4 cup quaker oats
1 egg white

Boil the oats till the water is evaporated and beat in the egg whites, add extra water if necessary. Bring to a boil, add cinnamon and mix.

Drizzle with some carob and add chopped apples for the perfect filling breakfast!

20140109-034534 pm.jpg

Date syrup oats

2 Jan

I started off 2014 with a “no excuses” mindset. Ignoring the fact that i hate a headache, and a stomach ache from the amazing but too much food and drink of the night before. And ignoring the little voice in my head that was saying “the gym is closed today” i put on my jogging clothes and went for a run on the high street. Best decision i’v made so far this year!

For my breakfast oats i decided to change it up a little, after all it is a new year which means there’s always an opportunity for change and new ideas and innovations, even with your daily routine.

Whats better than some cinnamon oats with a drizzle of date syrup, adding more taste than the usual honey but also satisfying that sweet tooth.

In my opinion the stronger a flavor of something the less you need to satisfy you, date syrup is also a great source of nutrients.

20140102-063222 pm.jpg

Pumpkin oats

3 Dec

Yet another recipe with my new “ingredient of the week” pumpkins! I guess i do have an excuse as it was thanksgiving, but to be frank, i just lived the fact that you can be so free when using pumpkins both in deserts and savoury foods, raw and cooked, soups and dips. They are a great healthy substitute to MANY OF THE THINGS you may be craving.

3 tablespoons oats
1 tablespoon pumpkin mash
1/2 tablespoon peanut butter
1-2 chopped dates

Cook the oats in water and top off with the rest of the ingredients for a great wintery breakfast 🙂

20131203-065556 am.jpg

The revolution of overnight oats

26 Nov

Start of another week means a great opportunity to try something new, something i was so shocked i had never tried before, although i hear about it all the time the idea never really got to me until i finally tried – overnight oats. Wow!

Its like normal oats just a trillion times better! You can be as creative as you like and the flavour just gets intensified! The oats also be become a lot more soft as they stay in the milk/yogurt all night.

And on top of that you wake up in the morning fully relaxed knowing that your breakfast is waiting for you.

My first overnight oats:
3 tbsp quaker oats
1/4 cup milk (semi-skimmed)
1 apple chopped in cubes

I think ill be sharing different ideas for what you can include in your overnight oats as it can be such a versatile breakfast!

Have a great week!

20131126-063537 am.jpg

Oat biscuit and Philadelphia snack

10 Apr

These mouthwatering snacks are the perfect way to keep yourself from going to the kitchen every 5 minuets and staring at the fridge, trying ti figure out what it is that your stomach is looking for. So, here it is, simple and healthy 🙂


1 oat biscuit (you can make your own or buy some ready-made ones)

light philadelphia cheese




Spread the biscuit with some cheese, add some cucumbers and mint on top, and enjoy the explosion of your taste buds and the crunchiness of this awesome snack! IMG_9124

Oats or Granola?

11 Nov

is there a huge difference between them? which should we choose?

A healthy snack.

25 Oct

so yesterday, my mum decided to put me in suffering again and made a delicious (or at least it smelt like it was) lava cake. LAVA CAKE?! who can resist that.

sometimes, when something smells so good, you just feel like you want to give up on the whole healthy eating and curl up in a bowl and eat everything chocolaty that life has to offer, then be neglected by the whole society but you don’t care because you have food. that’s how i felt for like 2 seconds then i came back to my senses and decided to experiment again to make my taste buds happy!

and they were more than happy!

it’s so simple but so delicious, i really didn’t expect to love it so much!


1 peach

1 banana

1 tablespoon yogurt

water if you feel it needs to be watered down a bit.


mix all in blender.

sprinkle some oats on top!

i really did enjoy it, and went back to the fridge where the lava cake was sitting looking all pretty and laughed in its face.