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FROYO – banana, raisins and walnuts

15 Nov

you know that feeling you get when you’re eating chocolate cake or your favorite ice-cream and you can just NEVER find the will to put your spoon down. each spoonful makes you want more and more and you just forget about everything else around you except for that piece of awesomeness in front of you.

The main aim of this blog is to have that feeling but with something healthy. now i always make little healthy snacks and i really do enjoy them. but i never feel the urge to lick the plate and demand more. until now.

i truly enjoyed this snack so much, i had half what i made before even putting it in the freezer and i really hope it satisfies your sweet tooth too.

1 cup yogurt

1 banana

1/4 cup raisins

1/4 cup walnuts

put all in the blender and blend,

put in the fridge for 2 hours.

and you have the most amazing FROYO ever! 😀


This is why i love being healthy!

14 Oct

 This just made my day! its unbelievable…well, unbelievably awesome actually! And i wanted to share it with all you guys.

so whenever you’re craving a snicker’s chocolate bar think about what i’m about to tell you. 


snickers bars have 280 calories 1090 kjs, 14g fat. 

instead you can have: 

1/2 a grapefruit

2 nectarines 

1 peach

1 kiwi

1 apricot

1 apple

1/2 cup blueberries

3 cherries = 258 calories 1085kjs. 


so if anyone tells you to stop starving yourself from that ‘stupid diet’ show them this 🙂 

choose wisely.

i think there’s no more that needs to be said.

Front Load Your Day!

13 Oct

You have to start your day right, and having a balanced breakfast is the best way to do it! You may think that if you skip breakfast you’re daily calorie intake is less so you loose more weight. That’s a lie. You should consume the most calories in the morning and that way your body will be satisfied throughout the whole day, you won’t even be that hungry for lunch or dinner and so naturally eat less.

Your body is not dumb! when you don’t feed it a proper breakfast, your body will think there’s a short supply of food and will feel the need to hold on to all the nutritions it gets and so will not burn calories as easily! So having breakfast really kicks in your metabolism for the rest of the day! 

I always wake up late and have literally 10 minutes to prepare my breakfast, but there’s many quick and easy things you can prepare that will give you the nutrition you need. The most important thing is to get plenty of proteins, dairy and fibre. 

PROTEINS take the longest to be broken down and so it will stay in your body throughout the whole day, preventing you from feeling hungry. 

EGGS are awesome! they just have it all! carbs, fat, protein. 2 eggs in the morning is absolute heaven for your body! 

FIBRE (e.g pears) helps the food be stored in your stomach for longer, so when it’s lunch time; instead of scoffing two burgers and stay hungry, you will find yourself satisfied after just one. 

I usually stand there for 10 minutes sometimes thinking of WHAT to have for breakfast. There’s just so much choice. if you’re always in a rush in the mornings like me, plan your breakfast the night before. And enjoy every bite of it! 



12 Oct

Having a mum who loves to bake is the best and worst thing that could have happened to me. I love baking with her, from brownies to cupcakes to anything really. She really loves following what she calls ‘proper recipes’ to get the perfect results, and i must say she makes delicious desert. But, here’s why it’s also the worst thing, when you have red velvet cupcakes sitting in front of you for a week and then Banoffee pie sitting in the fridge waiting for you to scoff it down and then victoria sponge cupcakes the week after. that’s when it gets a bit out of hand and i really had to work on my self control this past month. I actually did not try any of them and instead made my own recipes to satisfy my craving.

Oats, Peanut butter and Raisins are my absolute favorite healthy substitutes. i can literally mix them randomly and come up with a new recipe that i fall in love with every week.

here’s what i made last night instead of revising for my physics exam.

(sorry but i got tired after 7 chapters, i needed something to energize me)

1 cup of quaker oats (processed into powder)

1 tablespoon of peanut butter (or a bit more if you like)

1 egg

chocolate chips*

milk/almond milk

*you can use raisins instead of the chocolate chips, but i used dark chocolate. it’d been so long since i’d tasted chocolate i actually forgot how good it was. it was my ‘treat of the week’ 

just mix everything together, put in a non-stick pan (you can use an ice-cream scooper to get the same size for each cookie)

and place in oven (190 Celsius) for around 20 minutes.

And they’re ready! 😀