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Italian style lentil bruschetta

20 May

When it comes to italian cuisine, the mere smell of things makes you hungry and when youre trying to remake an italianndish you really have to make sure you’ve included all the vital ingredients, cooked them just right to get the perfect consistency, temperature and balance to be able to say “perfecto!”

Lentils are a great natural food, perfect for vegans and vegatarians, full of so many benificial minerals for our body as well as the ease of eating them without feeling bloated, they provide us with both carbohydrates and proteins so are the perfect fuel for a balanced meal!

1 cup cooked lentils
1 teaspoon olive oil
1/2 chopped onion
1 tomato
1 cucumber
2 cups lettuce
Black pepper
1 slice brown bread (of choice)

1. Boil lentils of choice (i used mix) leave to cool
2 add 1 teaspoons olive oil to a non-stick pan, and add the chopped onions followed by the chopped basil and cilantro, thyme, black pepper, sea salt.
Mix in the cooked lentils and leave to cool.
Mix in with salad: fresh basil, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber.

1 piece of toast as a side, to dip into the “bruschetta” salad,

Optional: drizzle with some olive oil

20140519-115719 am.jpg


Carrot and raisin quinoa pilaf

17 May

This was a bowl of heaven. The best thing about pilafs is that they truly are comfort foods, you have the freedom to just mix in lots of ingredients, and easily scoff down. When you choose to add in healthy ingredients, you don’t get that bloated feeling afterwards and the energy you get is used much more efficiently by your body! Quinoa is also a great source of protein as well as carbohydrates, so it really comes to a well balanced meal.

You get the sweetness of the raisins and the crunchiness of the pine nuts, the nutty flavour of the quinoa with the refreshing carrot and tomato to add flavouring topped with that extra “caramelized” onion hint in every bite.

1/2 small onion chopped
1 tomato chopped
1 grated carrot
4 tbsp raw quinoa
1 tsp olive oil
3 tablespoons raisins
3 tablespoons pine nuts

Optional: (not vegan)
200 gr low fat greek yogurt

Start by boiling your quinoa, while its boiling chop your ingredients and have them ready.
Add the olive oil in a pan and start by adding the onions for a minuet, followed by the tomatos and then the cooked quinoa. Stir and add the carrot, raisins and pine nuts. Mix and keep on the heat for a minuet then place in a huge bowl and enjoy with some yogurt. Or even coconut yogurt for my vegan buddies out there ūüôā

Go make it for your saturday night-in treat instead of calling that delivery guy, and come back and thank me later ūüôā
Best quinoa dish I’v made by far!

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Comfort food gone healthy – ‘greened up’ pizza

15 May

20140515-062950 am.jpg

20140515-063002 am.jpg

Ah pizza! Whoever inveneted knows exactly the deepest and truest meaning of comfort for us peculiar human creatures, something chewy crsipy and full of different flavours. When it comes to food most of us are really indecisive and cant choose 1 topping or 1 flavour to our dish. Thats normal as it would taste quite bland and eventually be boring, who would want to eat a huge bowl of chicken with no herbs or sides for a week? (I think using chicken was a bad example – confessions of a chickenaholic!)

That being said, i constructed an easy and quick to make dinner, full of benifical ingredients that consequently give a different flavour to the pizza, it looks so lovely and colourful and the tortilla base was crispy on the edges and moist and chewy in the middle from the tomato sauce, you got the best of both worlds!

1 whole wheat tortilla
2 mushrooms
1 tomato
1/4 zuchinni
1 olive
60gr low fat cheese of your choice (i used traditional cypriot anari cheese)
Basil leaves
Parsley leaves
Baby spinach leaves

Start off with the leaves as a base, then add the chopped mushrooms and tomato, grate your cheese on top and add the olives and zuchinni.

Place in oven for 25 minuets or until the cheese has melted to your preference. And bon-appetite!

Herb and veggie bowl

28 Jan

I love a lovely colourful bowl full of fresh cut vegetables but, its too tempting to just cut up my vegetables and leave them as they are, there’s so many extra twists you can add to your veggie bowl that will make it just as healthy and nutritious but also ‘spice it up’- literally! This is a great light dinner if you’re trying to keep your calories low when it gets closer to bedtime but its also a great idea if you’re struggling to increase your veggie consumption throughout the day. It’s a great twist for those of you who might have gotten either bored of salads or just don’t like the idea of salads (which let me tell you – salads are the best – nobody should hate on salads!)

You can easily chop and jumble this up and leave it in the fridge maximum from the night before, if you know you know you’ll be in a hurry the next day!

2 chopped cucumbers
2 chopped medium carrots
1/4 cup chopped celery
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
Cayenne pepper ( depends how daring you can get!!)
Lemon juice

Yes! I know! Absolutely irresistible!

20140128-094334 pm.jpg

White bean and veggie pot

4 Jan

Another recipe dedicated to you vegetarians out there!white beans are a great source of protein and apart from that they taste great and can go greatly with a range of different vegetables.

Its a great way to get in your nutrients from veggies and also your protein!

2 tomatoes
1 green pepper
Celery chopped
Handful of parsley – chop finely

1/2 cup white beans

Add the finely chopped veggies to a pan with a bit of water and bring to a boil. Pour over the cooked white beans when ready and top off with some black pepper and lemon!

20140104-095843 am.jpg

20140104-095852 am.jpg

Japanease salad

16 Dec

I’v always been a fan of the unique cuisine of the Japanese and although you can never really quite make the exact luscious dishes served in the Japanese restaurants which i love, there’s always a way to get that similar taste whenever you’re craving those mixture of tastes that asian cuisine offers you.

The thing i love about asian food is that they really make the best of all the lovely gifts of nature, the different combinations of ingredients which some people may believe to be merely inedible are transformed to amazing Japanese dishes which people secretly love till they face the truth of what they’re made of. Thats something that really annoys me about stereotyping, foods that are given to us by nature FULL of so many benefits are being categorized with things that they just are not and that just leads to people leading unhealthier lifestyles each day!

The salad i made today doesn’t really include any of these “crazy” ingredients mostly because i wanted to make something simple that everyone and anyone can prepare and eat wether on a budget or simply because those kinds of foods are just not available everywhere.

3tbsp Brown rice
1 cup Celery
1 Cucumber
Handful Lettuce
1 Lemon
Black pepper
Cayenne pepper
3 small Beef pieces
Hoi sin sauce

20131216-062919 pm.jpg

Soup of the day:

14 Dec

20131213-071908 am.jpg

With the festivity levels being sky high and a cold wave reaching the meditteranean making the temperature outside even colder than Scotland and Ireland (something we’re defenetly not prepared for) the best solution to our problem is to make sure we keep ourselves wrapped in as many layers as we can possibly find and drink as much tea as we possibly can. And what’s the only thing left to add to the picture? A warm bowl of freshly made soup.

It’s sort of becoming a tradition to buy different vegetables each day and experiment to find the best combination of nutritious soups made only by using fresh vegetables, no preservatives, no extra oil or butter. The more natural it is, the better it tastes and the more nutrients you get from each spoonfull keeping you protected from all the viruses roaming around.

Last nights soup was a favourate of mine mainly because of the hint of sweetness.

1 large zucchini
1 carrot
1/2 cup cabbage

Boil everything in a pot then pulse until smooth, if you want a thicker texture make sure you don’t leave too much water before pulsing.

Black peppers

I liked to keep this one simple and enjoy the real sweet taste of the zucchini rather than the spices.

Healthy White bean and beef burgers

12 Dec

This was made by me and my mum, while the rest of the family was having “normal” beef burgers i wanted to make sure mine were that little bit more nutritious, and the first thing that came into my mind when wanting to
Make healthier burgerswere ofcourse BEANS! A great source of protein but also famous “black bean burgers” i decided to go with something a little bit less classic and give it a shot. Guys…. It was amazebaaaaaaaallls! Yum yum yum!! I had it three days in a row as my lunch with some lovely red cabbage and tomato salad and a hint of hoi sin sauce (my absolute favourite sauce)

For those of you who are vegetarian, you can replace the mince meat with some quorn or even sweet potatoes

Equal amounts of
Mince meat (lean with no fat)
Pumpkin puree
White beans
1/2 amount spinach.
Black pepper
Hint of cayenne pepper

Mix all the ingredients and roll into the shape if the burger, spray a pan with some olive oil and until cooked!

You can add some garlic or parsley if you’re a fan of stronger tastes and get creative with different spices!

Enjoy this lovely burger that will boost your day!

20131212-083854 pm.jpg


13 Dec

salad is probably the healthiest thing you can have, for lunch, dinner and its quite filling. 

however, if you’re not imaginative enough or just don’t have the time and energy to shop for new veggies and find some new combinations to make new salads, you’ll eventually get bored.¬†

and boredom, is the worst way to prevent yourself from eating what is healthy! 

so here’s a simple salad with only 4 ingredients that i absolutely love!¬†

it’s so filling, you don’t feel like you ate “just” a salad and therefore don’t feel the urge to eat anything else after,¬†

i didn’t put a lot of seasoning as for me it doesn’t make a difference and only adds more unnecessary calories,¬†

however i did add one tablespoon of olive oil. 

This morning in biology class we were learning about the good and bad fats, and how fats from plants actually remove the bad animal fats that are in our body, one tablespoon of olive oil therefore is actually healthy for you!! 






crab stick 



olive oil 

–> just mix all the ingredients, squeeze some fresh lemon on top. ( i like a lot of lemon to give it some extra flavor!) ¬†and you’re done!¬†

coming up with new salads is just a matter of giving it a bit of thought, and you have yourself a colourful piece of art, that’s most importantly healthy and nutritious!¬†ImageImage