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ADVENT CALENDAR – to stay fit and healthy for the holidays!

21 Nov

It’s nearly december, and that means we’re going to be starting to use the C word aloooot!

I don’t know what it is about the christmas season, it may be the warm weather or the celebratory feeling or just our idea of christmas we seem to always think of food, sweets and chocolate!

first signs of that are going to start on the 1st of december, when everyone is going to get they’re advent calendars and start to eat each treat day after day wether its chocolates, biscuits, or anything else that sounds tempting and delicious.

what to do then? while everyone is running around trying to find the best advent calendars with the most mouth-watering chocolates.

i sat down and made my own calendar.

sorry for the lack of creativity or artistic skills, but with lack of time and plenty of school art work to do piling up, the main aim of making this advent calendar was for the concept so feel free to make it look prettier and more christmasy 🙂

i don’t know how i got the idea, but instead of eating a chocolate each day, you will have a work out exercise to do; wether its crutches, squats or sit-ups. while everyone else is stuffing their face before the holidays we will be doing the exact opposite. It’s going to be like our own motivation and count down to loose even more weight till the holidays and then we won’t regret having that piece of mince pie that we’ve been looking forward to because after all it is christmas. Then, let’s see who’s going to feel happier on christmas and new year’s day. 🙂