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My perfect dates snack.

31 Jan

I sometimes find myself walking around the house looking for something small and sweet to put in my mouth, the easy thing to do is find a piece of chocolate lying around and just eat it, enjoy it for a few seconds and have to live with the regret for the next couple of days,

although, I have so many snack ideas that I can munch on whenever I am peckish, there’s not really something that I’v created which is small and sweet and really replaces that feeling of eating a small piece of chocolate.

So I decided, it’s time to create one now,

and I’ll tell you from now, this is not low in calorie, and may even exceed the calories of some small pieces of chocolates out there, but, a healthy lifestyle does not only mean how many calories you consume, this has a lot of healthy cholestrols and is a great source of fibre, potassium and calcium


1 date

1 walnut

1 teaspoon light philadelphia cheese.


Cut the yogurt in half, spread the cheese inside, place the walnut and close like a sandwich,

it’s really sweet and although I can have a million of them, if you get just one date and make it, and put everything back, you won’t really be bothered to get up and do the whole procedure again, unlike a chocolate box which all you have to do is place your hand inside.

each one is 60 calories, and so is not something you should always depend on, but it stops you from chewing down that chocolate bar, then go for it!

For me personally, one is just enough to satisfy that sweet tooth and it’s just a treat i enjoy every now and again 🙂



This is why i love being healthy!

14 Oct

 This just made my day! its unbelievable…well, unbelievably awesome actually! And i wanted to share it with all you guys.

so whenever you’re craving a snicker’s chocolate bar think about what i’m about to tell you. 


snickers bars have 280 calories 1090 kjs, 14g fat. 

instead you can have: 

1/2 a grapefruit

2 nectarines 

1 peach

1 kiwi

1 apricot

1 apple

1/2 cup blueberries

3 cherries = 258 calories 1085kjs. 


so if anyone tells you to stop starving yourself from that ‘stupid diet’ show them this 🙂 

choose wisely.

i think there’s no more that needs to be said.