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A healthy snack.

25 Oct

so yesterday, my mum decided to put me in suffering again and made a delicious (or at least it smelt like it was) lava cake. LAVA CAKE?! who can resist that.

sometimes, when something smells so good, you just feel like you want to give up on the whole healthy eating and curl up in a bowl and eat everything chocolaty that life has to offer, then be neglected by the whole society but you don’t care because you have food. that’s how i felt for like 2 seconds then i came back to my senses and decided to experiment again to make my taste buds happy!

and they were more than happy!

it’s so simple but so delicious, i really didn’t expect to love it so much!


1 peach

1 banana

1 tablespoon yogurt

water if you feel it needs to be watered down a bit.


mix all in blender.

sprinkle some oats on top!

i really did enjoy it, and went back to the fridge where the lava cake was sitting looking all pretty and laughed in its face.