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Stuffed zuchinni

16 Mar

When you find zuchinnis that are round and small, the first thing that came to my head is ‘stuff them.’ 

Sometimes, vegetables get a little boring when you always have the same old same old, wether its a pepper overload or a spinach obbsession or my own ‘guilty’ pleasure that i definitly overconsume – carrots. So if there’s any opportunity to find new veggies which i can enjoy and create lovely recipes for your guys, its always a good day! Especially when these zuchinni stuffed bowls can be a great lunch idea or even served for friends if you want to impress them with something snazzy and jazzy!

Still continuing with my 50 day vegan journey, I got creative when making my stuffing, making sure it still is a good protein source to make this a fully balanced meal that will keep you full and satisfied! 

Daily dose of advice: for all you vegetarians and vegans out there, it has proved extremly helpful to keep some pre-boiled beans and legumes in the freezer and take out a few hours before to use


5 Zuchinnis

1/2 cup cooked Wild rice

1/4 cup Raisins

1/2 cup Chickpeas 

Handful Pine nuts

Start off by removing the core of the zuchinni. *save the core for later

Boil the rice and once ready mix in the raisins, pine nuts and chickpeas. Stuff the zuchinnis with the mixture and boil until the zuchinnis feel slightly softer. You can either add the zuchinni core in the boiling water to eat as a sauce, or include it in your rice mixture. 


Quinoa and pom-seed vegan sushi

5 Mar

Quinoa sushi. 

It’s the food that gets everyone debating two completly different exxtremes, is it the healthiest lunch substitute to get you through the day, with the amazing benefits of the seaweed as well as the fish inside the sushi, or is it one of the most fattening and empty nutrient food full of too much rice- more than you really need. 

Well i have a solution to this never ending debate, quinoa sushi, something i have been wanting to try for a long tike now but have never had the motivation (dare i say?) to. But with a vegan diet making its appearqnce, there’s inoy so much you can add to your sushi when the seafood is eliminated and to protein it up as well as yummy it up it was time for a quinoa meditterenian sushi.



Cooked quinoa

Smoked/ grilled aubergines

Pomegranate seeds

Start off with cooking the quboa with a little bit more water than usual to create the sticky texture. To smoke the aubergines, place them whole on a stove directly followed by boiling them normaly, they will be very easy to peepl and you will get the smoky flavour. Add the aubergine and sprinkle some pom seeds, roll your sushi and keep in fridge for about 2 hours before cutting.

Enjoy with some soya sauce.

Apple and chia nachos

1 Mar

So it’s lent which means a bunch of us decide to feel good about ourselves and give something we love up, wether its because of religious, moral or even personal reasons to prove to ones self that they in fact do have that so-called “will-power”

Having gone through this every year, given up milk, chocolate and even facebook in previous years i wanted a real challenge this year.

Living in Cyprus the 50 days of lent are celebrated(?) by the conventional fast – all the restaurants (yes, including McDonalds) introduce fasting menus including veggie burgers, fish and people’s diets suddenly transform into greener, veggie and fibre dense diets.

So, i decided to go with the conventional fast this year, mainly because of the constrictions it places on the individual – no meat or any dairy products. (Let me add a sidenote – i virtually live on yogurt…)Lucky for all of you, the next couple of weeks you will have the honour of following me in my journey of basically going vegan (having decided to give up seafood also)

So the first veganized dish which I enjoyed today as a breakfast and pre-workout snack is a fruit nacho dish with homemade chia drizzles.

Chia sauce:
2 tablespoons chia
4 tablespoons water (judge until right consistency)
1 teaspoon honey (not vegan!!)
1 teaspoon tahini (or any nut-butter of choice)

Mix all the ingredients together and drizzle over some thinly chopped apples and carrots.