Date and walnut swirls

22 Feb


Great for a snack, a twisted addition to your cocktail party or a perfect way to start your day with a sweet and savoury blend of breakfast, these little swirls of sweet are definitely on my ‘things I can eat and never get bored’ list.

As i always promise with all my recipes – it is EXTREMLY simple all you need is 4 basic ingredients:

Chopped dates
Chopped walnuts
Tortilla bread (I used lebanese flatbreads)
Light Philadelphia cheese

Start off by spreading Philadelphia all over the tortilla and then sprinkle the chopped dates and walnuts all around. Roll tightly and chop diagonally.

Their easiness makes them the perfect thing to do in a party as you can easily make a large number, you will also get ALOT (trust me) of comments on the uniqueness of the roll, and that is always a good thing – you don’t want to serve ham and cheese sandwiches which everyone has eaten a little to many of. I recently made these for a charity marathon i was organizing and I had people ask to take away a few to have the next morning – I think that is proof enough for their success!


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