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Anari cheese and soya salad

27 Sep

As much as I absolutely ADORE huge salad bowls, sometimes its nice to just keep it small, simple but dense.

I feel like sometimes having a smaller varety of veggies in a meal makes your digestion more comfortable and allows you to really appreciate what you’re eating rather than just a jumble of flavours and textures.

The nice thing about smaller plates is the denser flavours, each ‘bitefull’ may have an explosion of the flavour you wanted to put through and that makes one satisfied more quickly.

So here’s the recipe for this 2 minuet anari salad:

1/2 cup roquet leaves
60gr unsalted anari cheese
1 tablespoon low-sodium soya sauce
Chopped tomato

Mix your leaves with the soya sauce to give it a softer texture and break up the anari on top, add the tomatoes and You can even drizzle with some olive oil.

I enjoyed it with a piece of toasted rye bread which was just the perfect balance between my protein, fats and carbohydrates for a meal!



Lentils and wild rice

19 Sep


Yes yes it does look a mess but this chewy bowl is exactly what satisfies you as the winter season is making an appearance, going down very lightly and not making you feel heavy at all unlike usual big processed and oily rice bowls…

Lentils are a great source of protein, they’re easy and cheap to make and the awesome thing is you can include them in different kinds of dishes to satisfy your own favourite flavour.

Wild rice
Olive oil

Boil the lentils in a separate pan, and fry the chopped onions and mushrooms in a seperate pan and add to the lentils. Add more boiled water and wild rice to the lentils and leave to boil until rice is cooked.

Enjoy with some strained greek yogurt and chopped tomatoes.

Carrot-cake it away

17 Sep


Porridge is becoming surprisingly increasing in popularity as a breakfast option, its a very easy and quick breakfast which warms you up during that cold morning chill and i think thats why people love it, even if they’re not really thinking about their health.

Whenever I find people who do eat porridge – being me – i get over excited and start asking the for their creative ideas and recipes; being completely horrified every time at the amount of people who eat their porridge completely plain. Not enough people have been introduced to the endless world of porridge, out of all the ‘crazy’ ideas and strange looks i received, these were the most exciting oats idea which got all my friends eager for their next breakfast.

40gr oats
Grated carrot
Chopped pear/apple
cardamon, nutmeg, cinnamon
Strained greek yogurt

Start off by cooking your oats with water, when theyre halfway ready (after around 2-4 minuets) add in the grated carrots and herbs and mix.

When ready, top off with the fresh fruit, raisins, chopped walnuts and some cold yogurt to act as your “frosting”

You have that sweet and full of spice oats contrasting the cold yogurt in every bite, if you really have that sweet tooth drizzle some extra honey 😉

Summer holidays and a big bowl of rice

13 Sep

A new post was long overdue and after the summer holidays are officially over, i think its time to go back on track and share my – what i hope to be – inspirational and creative ways to healthify your kitchen.

My aim is to show that eating healthy really doesn’t have to be boring and is definitely easy and super simple. With a busy timetable like my own, school and mountains of studying everyday i need the most efficient and fast foods that still fill me up with the energy i need to get on with all my activities.

So, i will celebrate the re-appearance of my blog with this huge rice and veggie bowl.

The taste of brown rice makes it very tempting to eat with the least amount of other ingredients, and sometimes its easier for your stomach to digest without an extra load of chicken or meat. A mountainfull of your favourate veggies is all you need to mix with your rice, as well as my favourate secret to cooking anything….spices and herbs –> dill!!! Mix it all together after boiling and enjoy in a big bowl.

Yes a big bowl of rice is listed under a healthy meal, just make sure you always choose the whole wheat and pair it up with those nutritious vegetables that can only do you good. This is a perfect meal to have especially before a long workout or run, to fuel your body with a long source of energy.