Healthy -no oil – finger licking french “fries” and homemade ketchup

23 Jun

Yes they are finger licking yes they are healthy and yes both words can exist in the same sentence!

These were so simple, why do people even bother with going through the whole process of deep frying everything when a simple “pop it in the oven” works just fine.

Himalayan salt
2 teaspoons olive oil

Cut the potatoes into 1cm thick strips and rinse very well.

Drizzle with the oil salt and oregano in addition to any extra herbs you would like.

Place on sandpaper in a pan and leave in the oven for 20 minuets until crispy.

Enjoy with some homemade ketchup


2 tomatoes
2 dates

Peel the tomatoes and blend with the date, add a hint of water if needed for a better consistency. The perfect thing about this ketchup is that you know exactly what has gone into it, no unnecessary sugar or preservatives and a better fresher taste, you end up getting the best of both worlds!

20140622-125542 pm-46542017.jpg


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