Summer watermelon smoothie

27 May

When you see watermelons making their appearance in all the grocery stores, and farmer’s markets you know that summer is slowly making its way!

Huge, red, juice watermelons are shouting my name every corner of my city as you pass by and see small vans piling with them and cute old men waiting in the sun.

There’s nothing better than cutting into that huge luscious fruit and cheekily enjoying a few bites straight away.

Now, let’s to the recipe…

2 cups chopped watermelon
1 carrot
Ice cubes
Handful fresh mint

You know the procedure! Place in the blender and blend blend blend!!

Add more lemon/mint to suit your taste! It really is the most refreshing juice to take with you for a trip to the beach.

20140526-014251 pm.jpg


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