Vegan strawbsnana ‘nicecream’

18 May

This actually was meant to be a smoothie but the consistency was so creamy and thick, its the perfect and easiest recipe for a nicecream! (Banana icecream)
I fuelled myself with this refreshing, cold treat in the morning to get me through a pile of past paper revision, and boy was it the most satisfying HUGE cup of icecream i’v had.

When you know youre fuelling yourself with goodness a huge cup of this icecream will only benefit you and not cause you to feel any regret. The recipe is for 1 serving and covers 1 of your 5 fruits a day.

1/4 frozen banana
1 cup strawberries (I didn’t but you can freeze half)
1/2 cup nut milk (of you choice – non vegans can also use skim milk)
6 ice cubes
Big Handful of spinach
Topping: flaked coconut and chopped almonds.

Place ingredients in the blender without the icecubes, blend. Add icecubes – blend. And pour into your favourate icecream bowl for FULL indulgence!!!

20140518-070020 am.jpg


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