Turmeric boost

11 May

Turmeric is my new favourite herb which i will slowly start to happily use in all of my meals – as i do!

So leaving you with as little “scientific knowledge” which you can easily research online i will just include a brief list of why turmeric is a superfood which you should start to include in your diet:
1. Antibacterial
2.prevents cancer
3. Anti-inflammatory
4. Prevents Alzheimer’s
5. liver protecting

Being a herb, its very easy to store as well as use, all it takes is a few sprinkles here and there and a little bit of clever thinking when you’re trying to make your taste buds happy too 🙂 when were giving our bodies so much benefit, we should also enjoy the process, don’t make something you hate and drink just for the sake of its nutritious history, transform it into something which you’ll grow to crave!

Apart from the common use in curries, which i also used in my healthy vegan curry, i decided to add some turmeric to my morning green smoothie, to give me that boost from the start of the day and it really did add a wonderful flavour, not only is it giving me a different range of benefits but also a nice “twist” to my normal smoothie making it more exciting.

1 orange
3 cups raw spinach
6 ice cubes
1/2 tbsp turmeric powder
1 tsp ginger powder

Blend blend blendoooo and it is readddddayy!!

20140511-125030 pm.jpg


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