Apricot niicecream (banana icecream)

10 May

Yes this is vegan, yes its gluten and dairy free and yes its absolutely delishscrumptiofantabulous!!

I think the discovery of banana icecream really makes the idea of normal icecream go down the drain, once you have the real sweetness and boost from this delicious 100% natural bowl of goodness, i dont see any way of one feeling the same way when they fill their body with unneeded processed sugars!

Not always, but sometime banana icecream nay even contain more calories per serving, compared to for example a low-fat pack bought from the supermarket which claims to be “diet icecream” yeh that may be the case but when it comes to food choices and clever decisions it goes wayy deeper than calories. This can actually be considered a “real” snack or mini-meal for your body. Why not whip it upp for breakfast? It will boost your body with plenty of energy and keep you full and satisfied, rather than the sugary icecream which will only leave you hungrier and more at risk of wanting to snack further.
Dont EVER let preconceptions get in the way of your food choices, eating healthy is not just a psychological way of life which makes one “want” to like it. It really does make our body happier and if you put behind the ideas you have about these foods youll grow to love them and crave them so much more than a store-bought tub of chocolate chip cookie icecream.

Summer apricot cashew nicecream:

5 frozen apricots
1 frozen banana
5 cashews
(Optional) a few mint leaves

Add all in a food processor and pulse until you get the right consistency.

Before making the icecream, i took out the apricots from the fridge for under 2 hours to get a creamier consistency.

Voila! As long as you have your source of frozen fruits on hand, you can whip this up anytime with no preparation needed whatsoever!

20140510-073201 am.jpg


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