Ginger – cayenne salmon on a mountain of veg

3 May

Ahhh salmon is by far my absolute favvvourate dish, and luckily enough my mum’s salmon is the most delicious one i’v tasted yet so im one lucky girl whenever salmon is served for lunch. It allows me to experiment with different ingredients and herbs that may go well with salmon so that each time i can have a different tasting meal.

Ditch the bed of rice which salmon is usually served with and go for an energizing mountain of veggies. I mixed a bunch of hot and cold turning it into a semi-warm salad.

Grilled salmon
Zuchinni strips
Cabbage strips
Thinly sliced celery sticks
Chopped carrot
Cayenne pepper

Add the zuchinni, cabbage, celery, spinach and ccarrot to boil.

Chop the lettuce and mix in the lemon and herbs to your own taste. Mix in the other veggies and add any extra ginger/cayenne if needed. Top it off with the majestic salmon and add some lemon zest.


20140503-073254 am.jpg


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