Flourless pancake

2 May

20140502-072656 am.jpg

That’s right! Its one of the most loved and common deserts and breakfasts, topped with the most sugary and processed syrups and creams, now taking a stand in the new health trend?

I always try to stay away from the egg yolk, but after some research, there are actually countless benifits in egg yolks which you can’t get simply from the white which i love because of its high protein content.

But you shouldn’t eliminate egg yolks completly, although in extensive amounts they do increase cholestrol, if this is not your main issue, then do enjoy this blissfull ingredient once in a while.

1 egg
1/5 cup hazlenut milk (you can use other nut milk)

Drizzle of organic carob syrup

Mix the ingredients and add on a non stick frying pan, cover the pan for a few minuets then flip.

Its thick, creamy and held so well in the pan! Really a magical combo!!


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