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Crunchy summer salad

29 May

The more variety and mixture of different ingredients and tastes you get out of your salad the more super and awesome and exciting it gets as each spoonful is a new exciting experience in your mouth. Maybe i should stop being so emotive when describing food and eating but fresh salads are the best and i cant seem to express my enthusiasm any other way! Especially with summer approaching and so many fruits and vegetables to choose from – each day can be a new experiment in your huge salad bowl!

Grated cabbage
Grated carrots
Grated cucumber
Baby spinach
30gr crumbled goat cheese
8 crushed hazlenuts
3 chopped dried figs
1/2 chopped date
1 tsp olive oil
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 tsp honey

Yes. I know. Yumyumyum!

20140529-114358 am.jpg

20140529-114409 am.jpg


Summer watermelon smoothie

27 May

When you see watermelons making their appearance in all the grocery stores, and farmer’s markets you know that summer is slowly making its way!

Huge, red, juice watermelons are shouting my name every corner of my city as you pass by and see small vans piling with them and cute old men waiting in the sun.

There’s nothing better than cutting into that huge luscious fruit and cheekily enjoying a few bites straight away.

Now, let’s to the recipe…

2 cups chopped watermelon
1 carrot
Ice cubes
Handful fresh mint

You know the procedure! Place in the blender and blend blend blend!!

Add more lemon/mint to suit your taste! It really is the most refreshing juice to take with you for a trip to the beach.

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Stuffed sweet potato

26 May

20140526-074200 am.jpg

There’s nothing better accompanying your chicken dish then a warm and soft sweet potato to dig into, adding sweetness to your plate but also being a great satisfaction to those “carb lovers” out there, who need something starchy to keep them full and happy – there’s no need to deprive yourself of what you love – that definitely won’t make you happy and you will find it so hard to stick to your diet plan in the long run. It should be small changes and substitutes that are made because they cause your body to react better, using the energy more efficiently and therefore you end up being much more active without even knowing why!

120 gr chicken
180gr sweet potato

For the filling:
2 mushrooms
1/2 onion
Handfull parsley (optional)

This dish is an easy – place in the oven and wait – sort of dish.

Add both chicken with thyme and black pepper inside an aluminum foil and a sweet potato.

While they’re cooking, chop some mushrooms, onion, parsley, and spinach.

Add a teaspoon of olive oil on a non-stick pan and fry the onions, throw in the other vegetables and keep mixing until thoroughly cooked and soft.

Cut the baked sweet potato in half and place the mountain of veggies inside!

Green egg pancakes

25 May

As weird as this sounds/looks and as surprised as my dad was when I was preparing this, the amount of mocking i was faced with only turned to absolute curiosity and amazement as my parents were astonished with the final result, all wanting to “taste it”

That is always a proud moment – to prove that my crazy healthy ideas actually form decent dishes! = success!

1 cup raw spinach
2 eggs
1 cup grated zuchinni
Olive oil spray

Blend the spinach and eggs with either a smoothie blender or a soup maker. Mix in the grated zuchinni. Spray a non-stick pan with some olive oil and pour the mixture. (Makes 2 pancakes)

You can either enjoy with some low fat cottage cheese for a savory treat and some tomatoes and cucumber on the side. Or if you’re feeling like desert drizzle some honey and cinnamon with some chopped apple slices.

20140524-121547 pm.jpg

Vegan Cabbage hummus wraps

24 May

Cabbage wraps are the sort of thing which you can perfect after failing a few times, each time, just like with everything else – you realize what that tiny imperfection is which is lacking in the dish and try to fix it.

My main problem is always getting the wraps to actually wrap well without falling apart or cutting in half and i’v finally worked out the magic recipe.

1. Carefully remove whole cabbage leaves trying not to rip them. Rinse well.
2. Place in a boiling pan for 10-15 minuets to soften.
3. Leave to cool for 5 minuets.
4. Spread the hummus
5. Add your chopped veggies in the middle.
6. And wrap.

-red cabbage

Hint: for extra thickness and crisp you can use two cabbage leaves for each wrap! Add a layer of hummus between each layer for a DOUBLE ROLL!!!

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Super healthy – Sweet Honey and tahini toasties!

22 May

This combination of the one of the best sources of unsaturated fats is a great crispy breakfast idea for all those nut butters out there.

Tahini is sesame oil, with a very strong but delicious flavour, this means you need only small amounts in your meals to get a huge taste and really change your dish!

The reason i choose to use rye bread is because of its delicious taste, rather than the mild normal bread you get extra strong flavour in each bite, it also has a super amount of fiber, higher than any bread!! I would call it a superfood!

Two slices of rye bread – toasted
1 tablespoon greek yoghurt
2 teaspoons tahini
1 teaspoon honey
Cinammon (to taste) – my theory the more the better 😀

Mix the honey, cinnamon and tahini and add a hint of water if it need to smoothen the consistency, spread on your toast!

20140520-041224 pm.jpg

Raw ‘quick carrot-cake pudding’

21 May

It had been quite a while since i tried to make one of those delicious super sweet-tooth-satisfier puddings that always surprise me whenever i take the first creamy bite with their rich taste.

To be able to keep any lifestyle you have to make things easier and simpler for yourself. Being only a high school student stuck in the labyrinth called “final exams” i needed something quick, refuelling, energizing and also simple to make with no preplanning. So this is for you if you’re always rushing but want to have just a few seconds to indulge yourself without needing to buy a frozen pudding from the supermarket.

3 soaked dates
1 carrot chopped
1 green apple chopped
Walnuts(nut of choice – i used almonds because yum!)

Add all in food processor and keep pulsing until you reach a perfect smooth consistency, top with some crushed walnuts.

Italian style lentil bruschetta

20 May

When it comes to italian cuisine, the mere smell of things makes you hungry and when youre trying to remake an italianndish you really have to make sure you’ve included all the vital ingredients, cooked them just right to get the perfect consistency, temperature and balance to be able to say “perfecto!”

Lentils are a great natural food, perfect for vegans and vegatarians, full of so many benificial minerals for our body as well as the ease of eating them without feeling bloated, they provide us with both carbohydrates and proteins so are the perfect fuel for a balanced meal!

1 cup cooked lentils
1 teaspoon olive oil
1/2 chopped onion
1 tomato
1 cucumber
2 cups lettuce
Black pepper
1 slice brown bread (of choice)

1. Boil lentils of choice (i used mix) leave to cool
2 add 1 teaspoons olive oil to a non-stick pan, and add the chopped onions followed by the chopped basil and cilantro, thyme, black pepper, sea salt.
Mix in the cooked lentils and leave to cool.
Mix in with salad: fresh basil, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber.

1 piece of toast as a side, to dip into the “bruschetta” salad,

Optional: drizzle with some olive oil

20140519-115719 am.jpg

Vegan strawbsnana ‘nicecream’

18 May

This actually was meant to be a smoothie but the consistency was so creamy and thick, its the perfect and easiest recipe for a nicecream! (Banana icecream)
I fuelled myself with this refreshing, cold treat in the morning to get me through a pile of past paper revision, and boy was it the most satisfying HUGE cup of icecream i’v had.

When you know youre fuelling yourself with goodness a huge cup of this icecream will only benefit you and not cause you to feel any regret. The recipe is for 1 serving and covers 1 of your 5 fruits a day.

1/4 frozen banana
1 cup strawberries (I didn’t but you can freeze half)
1/2 cup nut milk (of you choice – non vegans can also use skim milk)
6 ice cubes
Big Handful of spinach
Topping: flaked coconut and chopped almonds.

Place ingredients in the blender without the icecubes, blend. Add icecubes – blend. And pour into your favourate icecream bowl for FULL indulgence!!!

20140518-070020 am.jpg

Carrot and raisin quinoa pilaf

17 May

This was a bowl of heaven. The best thing about pilafs is that they truly are comfort foods, you have the freedom to just mix in lots of ingredients, and easily scoff down. When you choose to add in healthy ingredients, you don’t get that bloated feeling afterwards and the energy you get is used much more efficiently by your body! Quinoa is also a great source of protein as well as carbohydrates, so it really comes to a well balanced meal.

You get the sweetness of the raisins and the crunchiness of the pine nuts, the nutty flavour of the quinoa with the refreshing carrot and tomato to add flavouring topped with that extra “caramelized” onion hint in every bite.

1/2 small onion chopped
1 tomato chopped
1 grated carrot
4 tbsp raw quinoa
1 tsp olive oil
3 tablespoons raisins
3 tablespoons pine nuts

Optional: (not vegan)
200 gr low fat greek yogurt

Start by boiling your quinoa, while its boiling chop your ingredients and have them ready.
Add the olive oil in a pan and start by adding the onions for a minuet, followed by the tomatos and then the cooked quinoa. Stir and add the carrot, raisins and pine nuts. Mix and keep on the heat for a minuet then place in a huge bowl and enjoy with some yogurt. Or even coconut yogurt for my vegan buddies out there 🙂

Go make it for your saturday night-in treat instead of calling that delivery guy, and come back and thank me later 🙂
Best quinoa dish I’v made by far!

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