Sweet and simple ZOATS – healthy breakfast

14 Apr

Back to another form of my second favourite breakfast (after my spinach-based smoothies) this was an idea i saw getting popular around the fitness instagram world and although was quite excited to try it, didnt really quite expect it to be THIS successful.

I do have a sweet tooth which i must always satisfy when it comes to my porridge, wether its with dates/raisins/carob or honey, these are all great healthy ways to add flavour to your dish however when you can have an even sweeter amazing creamy porridge with just VEGGIES – how can you honestly say no?

Zuchhini- the revolution to all our problems, the vegetable that mixed sweet and healthy all in one nutritious creation.

1 cup grated zuchinni
1/2 cup rolled oats
1 tablespoon wheatbran
Coconut flakes
Hint of cardammon powder (optional)
Egg white

Add all the ingredients except for the egg whotes, making sure you dont add too much water, if it evaporates then gradually add more – to give your porridge the preferred consistency. After the oats have been cooked, add in the egg whites and mix, keep on stove for 1 minuet on low heat and keep stirring.

Optional: I kept mine in the fridge for a few minuets to cool down a bit, sort of like a warmer version of overnight oats. (Especially with the weather getting quite sunny these days – at least on this side of the globe)

I really thought it was going to need extra cinnamon or honey or even an apple on the side to give it that extra flavour but it was so full of the wonderful sweet zuchinni flavour, it really needed nothing more!

20140414-100535 am.jpg


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