Sweet egg white snack – high protein; low cholestrol

12 Apr

If youre trying to increase your protein intake and find it extremly hard especially when you don’t want to experiment with packaged “extra protein” bars, there are always choices right in front of you which you may underestimate or just turn a blind eye for which you should really give more credit.

One of the power foods which are full of proteins and are not packaged or full of any extra chemicals and preservatives which may harm our body are egg whites. Oh yes a great protein source especially for all you vegetarians out there, they are again: what i keep referring when im describing many of my favourate foods is their -(magic word) VERSATILITY!

You can enjoy them sweet or savoury,
For breakfast, lunch dinner or even a snack, and most importantly you can mix so many super foods with them which will only do you good!

So this is when you want a sweet side to your breakfast,

1 hard boiled egg white
Grated apple
Chopped pomello
1 teaspoon honey

Mix the filling and mount on the egg whites. Sprinkle with some cinnamon, Simple as that.

20140411-074322 pm.jpg


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