Warm Oven baked porridge and icecream

7 Apr

Hot and cold in one delicious sweet bowl? Checks all the boxes for the perfect sitting-infront-of-the-tv snack.

For something a little bit more crispy and spongy than oats i decided to make my oats in the mivrowave, although they do need a little more patience, and a bit of strength to resist the amazing smell coming out of the oven, you need to be patient to wait for these miniature porridge muffins to be ready before topping them off with some icecream.

Oven baked oatmeal:

I think its always good to make new things especially out of a good healthy ingredient which you have grown to love, being overly obbsessed about a certain food and having it too many times may eventually cause you to be bored which for a nutritious ingredient such as oats is something you dont want. To prevent that from happening, try new ways of making it, eat it in a different bowl, add different toppings, have it for a snack instead of the usual breakfast, all these small changes you can make will cause your brain and body to get a different experience of what basically is the same food but shhh… Dont tell your body that. Especially with oats, its such a great food to experiment with and you should make the best use of that.

So, i tried baking mine in the oven, because whats better than thinking youre going to enjoy a freshly baked oat cupcake.

I wanted to make this as simple as possible, not something you can properly call a cupcake but at the same time still enjoy that feeling.

1/2 cup oats
1/2 cups wheatbran
2 egg whites
Cardamon (i never put amount when using herbs since each person knows how much they prefer, lets just say i put “too” much cinnamon because YUM!)
Peel of one apple
A few small pieces of orange peel
1 cup of green tea (prepared normally and poured over mixture of oats)

Add a scoop of the mixture to small cupcake cups and place in oven for 40 minuets

When ready, take off cupcake cups and add to a bowl of freshly made vegetable icecream found in this post: https://healthaholics.wordpress.com/2014/04/06/vegan-vegetable-icecream/

Final touch: drizzle some organic carob syrup for maximum sweet satisfaction.


20140407-034051 pm.jpg

20140407-034102 pm.jpg


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