Banana and beet chocolate indulgence

3 Apr

Indulgence doesnt quite capture the amazing taste of this sweet sweet treat!

I dont know what i have invented but im pretty sure ill be having t for desert for quite a while.

1/4 cup beetroot juice
1 small frozen banana
2 teaspoons 100% raw cacao
Handful raw spinach
5-6 ice cubes
Some water may be needed if youre not using a high speed blender.

You can call it a smoothie, you can call it a chocolate bowl/mousse/ice cream… Whatever it is, you definitely will NOT get enough of it, and to actually be having your daily dose of veggies as well full of goodness? Ahh its just perfection in a bowl.

20140403-055918 pm.jpg


One Response to “Banana and beet chocolate indulgence”

  1. You seriously have combined three of my most favorite things- chocolate, beets & bananas! Ummmm if I had my blender right now, I’d be making this. I’m loving “smoothies” in the early mornings post workout. This is going to be on the menu tomorrow for sure.. & who knows maybe even twice- everyone needs a good dessert! 🙂

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