Frozen avocado shells

27 Mar

This is a cute little idea if you want to get creative when you are plating up, especially when you’re serving avocado or guacamole as part of your dish.

I used this with the:
Cold avocado and veggie soup which i posted about earlier.
Avocado and cottage cheese dip with lemon and black pepper.

After cutting your avo in half, empty out using a spoon and freeze the two outer shells overnight, the’ll “magically” turn into lovely hard shells which you can fill with either your avocado invention or even any other type of dip.

Its always great to use nature even when we dish our food 🙂 use your imagination and don’t ever think something is too impossible or ridiculous.

20140327-025338 pm.jpg

20140327-025348 pm.jpg


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