Birthday brunch!

23 Mar

The best way to spend my birthday is to do it in my own zone, my favourate part and meal of the day, and enjoy good food with my friends!
Whats better than a lovely brunch party in the sun that has made an appearance in our little island way too soon!

So, i set off for a mission to make sure everyone realizes the awesomness of healthy eating and the difference of real food with the packaged cereals everyone sadly ends up reaching out for.

Sunday brunch included:
—–Oatmeal bar—–
Oats with wheatbran
Dried cranberries
Dried apricots
Dried banana
Chopped almonds and hazlenuts
chopped dates
Coconut flakes
Cottage cheese

Fruits —

—–cold foods—-
Turkey slices
Halloumi cheese
Low fat edam cheese
Cottage cheese

Whole wheat toast
Whole wheat seed baguette
Whole wheat rolls with sunflower seeds
Olive bread roll

—tea and coffee—-

—great friends—

And the fresh air of the outdoors…made this birthday the best yet 🙂

Organizing brunch parties is really the best way to have a good time with your friends and be able to also enjoy healthy foods, theyre so much easier to prepare for than it looks.

Yes there is alot of shopping and chopping and cleaning but theres hardly any baking or cooking which takes time, everything is raw and everything is just as its meant to be from nature!

20140323-054045 pm.jpg

20140323-054039 pm.jpg

20140323-054056 pm.jpg


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