Lettuce bowl bean mix

21 Mar

20140320-071209 am.jpg

I love lettuce! But sometimes i get sick of eating it constantly chopped up in salads.

There’s so many different kinds of lettuce that its a shame to not try each different texture and taste, the soft for salads, the crunchy as a dip or a snack and the huge soft leafs as roll ups and finally those big round, globular shaped leafs that can be used as a perfect “bowl” substitute!

So inadded a few big lettuce leafes as a base and filled them with a delicious bean mix from waitrose – this really was the answer to all my hopes and dreams – i love love love beans and can never decide what beans to have, well this was just what i needed, a little bot of everything including some beans i’v never seen or tasted before, different colours and sizes.

Beans are a great protein source especially for you vegetarians out there and you’re so lucky it tastes to amazing. It also is complemented so well with vegetables and so it gives you an opportunity to mount up on these veggies. I love beans with finely chopped parsley and tomatoes, for a change i squeezed some orange which tasted lush and added a great difference to the taste.

The same ingredients just set up in a different way can make you feel like youre having a completely different dish.


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