Raw cacao – hot chocolate

20 Mar

20140320-070624 am.jpg

To celebrate my “birthday eve” i think i deserved some relaxation time chilling infront of the tv with my family all cosied up in our pjs.

And what fits better than adding some hot chocolate to this lovely picture?

Although it is my birthday and a lot of people beleive someone shouldgive themselves a “treat” or a day off, my healthy lifestyle is not something i need a break from, its not a weight loss diet which keeps me craving foods that i love, on the other hand, it allows me to eat all the best and tastiest foods!

So yes! Some raw cacao powder, boiling water and a few cinnamon sticks to add that extra lovely smell and flavour!

It really was so lovely and chocolaty, it didn’t need any extra sweetner and my favourate thing – the huge cute mug! I do have a weakpoint when it comes to mug collection and may do a post about it soon 🙂

So that was my final indulgence of being 16 and now its a new opportunity to start some new aims, dreams, hopes and continue with what i’v come to so far!


One Response to “Raw cacao – hot chocolate”

  1. simonsomlai March 20, 2014 at 7:08 am #

    Enjoying the small rewards in life, awesome!

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