Maca powder – the ultimate breakfast smoothie

19 Mar

20140318-071038 am.jpg

It’s always good to try new things, especially when you know they are good for you. I’v always been interested in trying the extra powders to my smoothies, i wanted something 100% natural and something that will boost my energy level rather than anything else.

The maca powder seemed like the perfect one from the endless choices there were at holland and barrets, it’s a low calorie powder that not only gives you extra vitamins and minerals but also adds a little bit of extra flavour to the smoothies.

Energy at my first day back at school after a long flight and an all-nighter the previous day? That’s exactly what it did, and though i am quite cautious and will make sure i have only a minimum amount of the powder occasionally as too much may have some bad symptoms and cause some imbalance, i cant wait to see the effect it will have on my skin and energy!

When trying new things, do your research well, read articles, reviews and make sure you get both perspectives from different people so you can be aware of exactly what you’re taking. Our bodies are precious and we must do everything to keep them in their ultimate best condition possible 🙂

Have a lovely day!

20140318-071050 am.jpg


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