Finnish rice pastries

16 Mar

These little pastries were found everywhere in finland, from schools to supermarkets to hotels. Eaten either raw or cooked the first impression i got was: they are tasteless. However the pastry on the outside really does give you that feeling of satisfaction after chewing on some bread or roll, we’re in finland so of course it is wholewheat, made with oat flour. I always removed the middle rice filling and added a healthier substitute of either cottage or low fat edam cheese with some tomatoes, the perfect mini pastry!

Going back home today, i have been inspired by the differences in culture between those two countries: cyprus and finland. Apart from the weather which is the thing that comes to mind for everyone, going to a different country really does make you realize how only a few hours away people have a completely different lifestyle. I will try to come up with my own recipe of these “finnish pastries” which i’ll hopefully post about soon.

But for now, I’m going to enjoy my last day with a snowball fight!

20140316-091339 am.jpg

20140316-091853 am.jpg


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