Hotel breakfast

15 Mar

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – if you’re a health freak you have probably heard this everyday, its basically the centre of everyone’s beliefs and as many articles as i read against this statement i strongly believe in the magic of breakfast!

Hotel breakfasts are probably what you can call “my paradise”
Finland being such a healthy country our hotel breakfast was full of choices that you really cant decide what to eat!

A bowl of porridge with some lovely toppings is just what i needed to give me energy and enjoy my breakfast.
Porridge, oats, mixed berries, cottage cheese, dried banana, dried pineapple, mixed seeds and some fruits on the side. With a small peice of rye bread and some ginger and lemon tea. Having this for the past 5 days during my holiday has been anything but boring full of flavour and great minerals to your body!

Other choices were some rye bread with low fat cheese, some oat pastries with rice filling – traditional finnish pastries, as well as boiled eggs and turkey with vegetables.

Great choices that keep you full for a long time when youre on holiday and walking everywhere 🙂

Staying with a few teachers and classmates i was also able to share some breakfast ideas and expand the love of healthy eating to others which i always love to do, it really does feel great when you’re encouraged by others to keep doing what you do and to feel like you can help others towards a healthier lifestyle 🙂

20140315-034427 pm.jpg


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