A week away – off to finland

14 Mar

Going abroad on school trips is one of the best experiences i’v had, and hopefully this will be just like the rest!

Yesterday, a few classmates, teachers and I set off for a 23 hour journey, 3 flights and no sleep, we finally arrived in finland for an international comenius project.

Apart from the project which i will post about at the end of the week here are my first impressions of finland:

Dissapointed by no snow, it is still a freezing country although the breeze is so refreshing which makes you understand everyones fresh and glowing skin!

I really did love the supermarkets and restaurants, full of healthy meals, gluten and lactose free options can be found everywhere! As well as mountains of different kinds of rye bread which you can’t seem to choose from because of the amount of options.

Finnish people surprisingly have 5 meals a day. Following their schedule at the school we were shocked to see that the lunch hour was 11:30!! Having a huge hotel continental breakfast at around 8, it was quite hard to have lunch so early, however smaller and more common meals throughout the day are the key to a healthy diet and the finnish know how to do it right. Having a snack at 4, and dinner later followed by a small snack before bed you keep your metabolism working and always have energy to be active all day especially to keep you warm in the cold weather. The finnish also have the tendency of walking or cycling everywhere, a great habit which causes you to be active and exercise without even realizing it!

So finland at first impressions does seem like a great country with great traditions!

20140315-121743 am.jpg


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