The ultimate healthy cabbage burger!

7 Mar

20140307-071632 am.jpg

20140307-071625 am.jpg

20140307-071640 am.jpg

Oh yes!! You can keep that word burger in your diet as long as you’re doig it right! And this blissfull bright and colourful roll up burger is the best way to enjoy it! Yum yum yum!!!

Make sure you use lean beef, with no fat, and grill it to make sure you’re using the minimum amount of oil/butter/any form of unneeded fat!

Add herbs to satisfy your taste, cayenne pepper, black pepper,oregano, even some parsley in your mince meat mixture or garlic.

Grate 2 cucumbers, and chop 1 tomato and a handful of extra parsley.

Cut your burger in thin strips

Use one outer (as its bigger and easier to roll) cabbage leaf to fill with your ingredients, (i added extra oregano and thyme) and roll, use another cabbage leaf to roll from the other direction making sure your newly made burger is tight and secure!

You can prepare this from the night before and easily take it to work/school in a lunchbox 🙂


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