Healthy night-in with your friends – salad bar party

5 Mar

The usual thing for a teenage group of friends, to meet at someone’s house, rent a movie and call the pizza guy with only 9 digits away from having a warm margarita knocking on your door. Sounds simple and fun and yummy right?

Just because youre tryig to lead a healthy lifestyle doesnt have to deprive you from those night-ins with friends and food.

If you’re hosting, its the perfect opportunity to “healthify” your friends and give them a taste of what your lifestyle entails, they WILL finally be able to stop acting so shocked as to how someone can eat such”horrible” foods and open their eyes to the awesomeness of fruits and veggies!

So, I hosted a salad bar party. So simple and so delicious. It hardly needed any preparation, make sure its not something that will tire you out. Whenever you make something simple it will help you always find it easier to always do it. Once you overcomplicate something, you’ll always be tempted to go for the quicker choice and that leads to the ultimate slipping slope – fast food!

Bowl 1: chopped lettuce
Bowl 2: rocket
Bowl 3: baby spinach
Bowl 4: grilled chicken breast
Mini bowl 1: chopped cucumber
Mini bowl 2: chopped tomato
Mini bowl 3: carrots
-black pepper
-cayenne pepper
-balsamic vinegar
-extra virgin olive oil

Just find the vegetables you have in your fridge, and enjoy this colorful meal with your buddies!

20140304-022313 pm.jpg


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