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High fibre metabolism boosting breakfast – Carrot cake and chai tea breakfast

30 Mar

Oh the smell and taste of the herbs early in the morning really is the perfect thing to enjoy as soon as you wake up, still with your pyjamas all cosied up ready for a hectic day, you do need those 15-20 minuets to rest your body and this is the right way to fully indulge!

Chai tea latte:
1 tea bag black tea
3 cardamon
2 whole cloves
1 cinammon stick
A few sprinkles of nutmeg
A few sprinkles of ginger
A dash of soya milk
Boiling water

Add the tea bag and herbs in a teapot and add the water, wait for it to brew for 3-4 minuets and pour in a huge mug adding the milk

Optional: 1 teaspoon of organic honey for those sweet toothers out there.

And yes, the title does promise carrot cake so here it is – high fibre carrot cake oatmeal! Oh yes!!

1/3 cup oats
1/4 cup wheat bran
1 egg white
1 grated carrot
5 walnut halves
Handful raisins
Cardammon (as much as you like)

Add the oats and wheatbran with some water, continuously adding a little more water as it evaporates- making sure not to add to much- add egg whites and mix, then top off with some raisins and walnuts.

20140330-043419 pm.jpg


Frozen avocado shells

27 Mar

This is a cute little idea if you want to get creative when you are plating up, especially when you’re serving avocado or guacamole as part of your dish.

I used this with the:
Cold avocado and veggie soup which i posted about earlier.
Avocado and cottage cheese dip with lemon and black pepper.

After cutting your avo in half, empty out using a spoon and freeze the two outer shells overnight, the’ll “magically” turn into lovely hard shells which you can fill with either your avocado invention or even any other type of dip.

Its always great to use nature even when we dish our food 🙂 use your imagination and don’t ever think something is too impossible or ridiculous.

20140327-025338 pm.jpg

20140327-025348 pm.jpg

Creamy avocado and veggie soup

27 Mar

You know your soup is a success when you can even enjoy it when it’s cold! And this bowl of goodness was just the perfect flavour, texture, consistency and ofcourse full full full of healthy vegetables, you wont even have to feel guilty when you go for seconds – trust me you will!!!

Whats the secret ingredients? So simple:

Broccoli (1/8)
Cauliflower (1/8)
Spinach – 2 cups
Avocado – 1/2 small avocado

I used one small “mini stalk” from each broccoli and cauliflower, but you can vary the measurements depending on what taste you prefer most.
Boil the broccoli and cauliflower, then add the spinach nearer to the end. Take off the heat and add the avocado and blend.

Season with some black pepper and enjoy either hot or cold.

20140327-070605 am.jpg

Savoury oats!

24 Mar

I finally found the opportunity to try this out and can not beleive i have waited this long!

Forget about rissotto and pastas, this is the answer to all your questions. To all those carb cravings you have, the cheessy texture and flavour and just to enjoy that creamy rissotto with some chicken.

The answer is savoury porridge.

Its so much simpler, easier, tastier, healthier – everything-er- its just the best- i can not express my enthusiasm enough.

So, hoping to have persuaded you to get off your butts after reading this post and make yourself a bowl of savoury oats , here are the magic ingredients:

Surprise surprise:
1/4 cup oats
1 slice emmental cheese
Egg white
1 cup spinach
1/2 chicken breast grilled
Black pepper

Add water to the oats and bring to a boil, adding in the spinach and mixing, add extra water gradually if needed – but make sure you do not make it too watery.

Add the egg white and keep mixing, as well as the cheese.

Pour in a bowl, top off with the grilled chicken and season with black pepper!

Yes it does sound delicious, i know 🙂

20140324-040354 pm.jpg

Birthday brunch!

23 Mar

The best way to spend my birthday is to do it in my own zone, my favourate part and meal of the day, and enjoy good food with my friends!
Whats better than a lovely brunch party in the sun that has made an appearance in our little island way too soon!

So, i set off for a mission to make sure everyone realizes the awesomness of healthy eating and the difference of real food with the packaged cereals everyone sadly ends up reaching out for.

Sunday brunch included:
—–Oatmeal bar—–
Oats with wheatbran
Dried cranberries
Dried apricots
Dried banana
Chopped almonds and hazlenuts
chopped dates
Coconut flakes
Cottage cheese

Fruits —

—–cold foods—-
Turkey slices
Halloumi cheese
Low fat edam cheese
Cottage cheese

Whole wheat toast
Whole wheat seed baguette
Whole wheat rolls with sunflower seeds
Olive bread roll

—tea and coffee—-

—great friends—

And the fresh air of the outdoors…made this birthday the best yet 🙂

Organizing brunch parties is really the best way to have a good time with your friends and be able to also enjoy healthy foods, theyre so much easier to prepare for than it looks.

Yes there is alot of shopping and chopping and cleaning but theres hardly any baking or cooking which takes time, everything is raw and everything is just as its meant to be from nature!

20140323-054045 pm.jpg

20140323-054039 pm.jpg

20140323-054056 pm.jpg

Cottage cheese bowl with mint and kiwi

23 Mar

I’ll warn you that the next few posts will all include some form of mint, wether in tea, salads or in some deserty sweets snacks, it is my new found obsession! So, i will share with you the joy of discovering adding these blissful leaves to my meals.

This is a great -quick to prepare – snack which you can enjoy after a workout or anytime really.

2 tablespoons cottage cheese
1/2 kiwi
A few mint leaves – depends on your preference.
Orange zest

Chop the mint and kiwi finely, or if you prefer keep the kiwis in bigger cubes and mix, add a drizzle of lemon and some orange zest and you’re ready to go! How very refreshing, just the smell makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated!

20140322-084100 am.jpg

Mint smoothie

22 Mar

This wasn’t meant to be a pun, but this smoothie really is very “mint”

Because of its very strong flavour – and of course not forgetting its countless magical qualities as a remedy. Mint isna really good idea for an extra ingredient to your smoothies – it goes with nearly everything so just go ahead and “mint it up!”

1/4 cup Celery
1/2 cup lettuce
1 cucumber
1/2 cup Strawberry
1/2 frozen banana
Ice cubes
Mint (handful)

Sprinkle some flaked coconut on top for that perfect thing to wake up to!

Lettuce bowl bean mix

21 Mar

20140320-071209 am.jpg

I love lettuce! But sometimes i get sick of eating it constantly chopped up in salads.

There’s so many different kinds of lettuce that its a shame to not try each different texture and taste, the soft for salads, the crunchy as a dip or a snack and the huge soft leafs as roll ups and finally those big round, globular shaped leafs that can be used as a perfect “bowl” substitute!

So inadded a few big lettuce leafes as a base and filled them with a delicious bean mix from waitrose – this really was the answer to all my hopes and dreams – i love love love beans and can never decide what beans to have, well this was just what i needed, a little bot of everything including some beans i’v never seen or tasted before, different colours and sizes.

Beans are a great protein source especially for you vegetarians out there and you’re so lucky it tastes to amazing. It also is complemented so well with vegetables and so it gives you an opportunity to mount up on these veggies. I love beans with finely chopped parsley and tomatoes, for a change i squeezed some orange which tasted lush and added a great difference to the taste.

The same ingredients just set up in a different way can make you feel like youre having a completely different dish.

Raw cacao – hot chocolate

20 Mar

20140320-070624 am.jpg

To celebrate my “birthday eve” i think i deserved some relaxation time chilling infront of the tv with my family all cosied up in our pjs.

And what fits better than adding some hot chocolate to this lovely picture?

Although it is my birthday and a lot of people beleive someone shouldgive themselves a “treat” or a day off, my healthy lifestyle is not something i need a break from, its not a weight loss diet which keeps me craving foods that i love, on the other hand, it allows me to eat all the best and tastiest foods!

So yes! Some raw cacao powder, boiling water and a few cinnamon sticks to add that extra lovely smell and flavour!

It really was so lovely and chocolaty, it didn’t need any extra sweetner and my favourate thing – the huge cute mug! I do have a weakpoint when it comes to mug collection and may do a post about it soon 🙂

So that was my final indulgence of being 16 and now its a new opportunity to start some new aims, dreams, hopes and continue with what i’v come to so far!

Maca powder – the ultimate breakfast smoothie

19 Mar

20140318-071038 am.jpg

It’s always good to try new things, especially when you know they are good for you. I’v always been interested in trying the extra powders to my smoothies, i wanted something 100% natural and something that will boost my energy level rather than anything else.

The maca powder seemed like the perfect one from the endless choices there were at holland and barrets, it’s a low calorie powder that not only gives you extra vitamins and minerals but also adds a little bit of extra flavour to the smoothies.

Energy at my first day back at school after a long flight and an all-nighter the previous day? That’s exactly what it did, and though i am quite cautious and will make sure i have only a minimum amount of the powder occasionally as too much may have some bad symptoms and cause some imbalance, i cant wait to see the effect it will have on my skin and energy!

When trying new things, do your research well, read articles, reviews and make sure you get both perspectives from different people so you can be aware of exactly what you’re taking. Our bodies are precious and we must do everything to keep them in their ultimate best condition possible 🙂

Have a lovely day!

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