Sweet and sour apple munchies

24 Feb

Following my last post on smart snacking i thought it would be a good idea to give you a taste of snacks that really do check all those boxes.

Starting off with my uktimate favourate fruit: apples!!

Ironically, when i was younger and our mum used to chop us some apple and pear boats, i used to secretly swap all my apples with my sister’s pears, i didnt really like apples, they weren’t as juicy, sweet or ‘tasteful’ as other fruits. But now i can genuinely say- i am obbsessed!

I still agree with the fact that so many other fruits do have a stronger and sweeter flavour than apples but i think that’s what makes them special! The fact that they’re quite crunchy makes you feel as if you’re not having a fruit but a proper meal, it keeps you full and satisfied and does not have that addictive taste that makes you over-eat. Thats the problem with most snacks these days, especially salty-processed carbs, your mouth tells you to keep going for more.

To add even more benefits to the already nutrient dense fruit i usually tweak my little snack of “an apple a day” giving it a little more life.

Sprinkle some cinnamon.
Sprinkle some ginger powder
Squeeze some lemon.

And there you go!

20140224-072307 am.jpg


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