Snacking – the pandora’s box our generation has opened.

23 Feb

Snacking can only be described as an opening of a pandora’s box. Yes! Snacking really can be extremely beneficial for our bodies, it can aid in weight loss, it’s enjoyable and it can prevent us from feeling starving before any meals which usually leads to over eating, it’s the best medicine to boost our metabolism and keep our body working 24/7.

But there’s always another side to the story; of course. Snacking can lead you to over-eating, especially when eating straight from a bag, in front of the tv, suddenly you realize you’ve eaten double what your stomach can actually fit.

The best thing to do is to snack smart.
What does that mean exactly? Just a few steps of clever thinking

1. Plan ahead
Keep some chopped veggies, washed fruits in the fridge. A healthy diet starts from the supermarket if everything processed is vanished from your cupboards, you really wont have that voice nagging you to grab the packet of crisps you know is lying there.

2. High protein snacks – healthy carbs
Egg whites, low fat greek yogurt, oatmeal. These foods stay in your stomach for a long time. They keep you satisfied and they release energy slowly and gradually.

3. Don’t go for the empty caloric foods.
Pretzels, rice crackers and such crunchy snacks that may sometimes claim to be low in fat and calories are just a waste of space and energy. They have so little nutritional value, they will not nourish your body or provide it with the right vitamins and nutrients it needs to keep going, why. Ot have a fruit or veggie instead?

4. NEVER eat from a bag, that goes back to point 1, plan ahead, keep everything in portion sized bags and containers so you know EXACTLY what you’ll be having and how much!!

It really isn’t that hard, snacking can be the perfect opportunity to enjoy a greater variety of foods and to really have a well balanced diet, so make the best of this awesome phenomenon.


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