16 Feb

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It has become my new favourite meal idea to just chop plenty of fresh greens, spicing it with some tasty herbs and a hint of lemon juice as well as a good portion of a healthy protein source for a great lunch idea! You feel full, but not bloated, energized and mainly you get all these amazing nutritions and a lovely colourful plate infront of you!

Making a bowl is the easiest thing ever all you have to do is make sure you’re prepared beforehand. If you have your vegetables washed and ready waiting for you in the fridge, when its lunchtime you will have no excuse but to mount the veggies and forget about any refined food! After all healthy eating does start with
1. Your shopping
2. Organization

So my advice is have ready chopped vegetables from the morning in a lunchbox in the fridge, when its lunch time all you have to do is mix and match. Veggies done!

Daily dose of healthy fats:
Top your veggies with a tablespoon of olive oil to make sure your body still has a good source of unsaturated fats to be able to function properly.

To make sure you stay full for longer, proteins stay in your stomach to be broken-down. They are also vital for growth especially muscle growth, it will make this a perfect meal before or after a workout session! Black beans/chicken breast/egg white

Nothing tastes better than that hint of spiciness, so don’t be scared to take a little risk by adding a hint of spices to your meals. Cayenne pepper is one of my all time favorite- well known for its fat-melting magic 😉

And that- dear followers- is how a real healthy bowl is done! Look at that plate of goodness! A huge portion- low calorie- low fat and just keeps you healthy and happy! You never get bored and can mix and match different ingredients everyday, lunch really can not come easier!


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