Grilled veggies and spice

3 Feb

There always comes a point where you over-eat a certain type of food and from being your absolute favourite dish it may end up being a little boring. As much as some people try to get in their veggies as part of their healthy diet plan, sometimes it’s just hard to think of ideas when all around us there are quick fast microwaveable foods full of preservatives but so common in people’s everyday diet plans!

Vegetables don’t have to be boring. In fact there are countless ways you can enjoy them you just have to be open to the possibilities and not be afraid to try something new or take a small “cooking risk”

Boil some zucchini and brussel sprouts for 10 minuets until soft.
Chop in thin pieces and chop some pumpkin.
Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle some black pepper, cayenne pepper and oregano. Use your hands to mix everything making sure all the vegetables are covered. Place in oven for 25 minuets until slightly brown. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice before enjoying this wonderful bliss!

20140203-014531 pm.jpg


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