Energy bowl done right!

30 Jan

20140130-065532 am.jpg

I do always live to whip up a good bowl to boost me with the energy i need and with a huge maths test coming up and a pile of revision to do i really needed the right brain food to keep me going and this was just what i needed.

I might have gotten over excited about my new little ‘invention’ but this really is sososososo goood!

2 tablespoons low fat greek yogurt
1 tablespoon cottage cheese
Half a chopped apple
2 tablespoons raw quaker oats
1 teaspoon honey
Raisins – handful
Sunflower seeds

Start by mixing the yogurt, cottage cheese and cinnamon.
Mix in the apples and seeds.
Place oats and some cinnamon on a pan on very low heat until lightly roasted – sprinkle on top of bowl and drizzle with honey!

If this is not a delicious desert/food/snack/best way to go through revision – then i don’t know WHAT is!

This was my afternoon snack but kept me soo full and satisfied i wasn’t even hungry at dinner time! It really is the best jumble of goodness!


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