Double Vegetable wrap

25 Jan

Everybody loves to bite into a good wrap every now and again, but while these “lighter” versions of sandwiches have been becoming more and more popular the unhealthy list of ingredients and toppings gets bigger and bigger!

So let’s give ‘wraps’ the healthy name they always deserved! Choose the right fillings and go all the way by using some flexible romaine lettuce instead of a tortilla if you’re really trying to shed off those extra pounds! – because there’s no such thing as too much veggies!

Large flexible romaine lettuce
Red pepper strips
Cucumber strips
Celery strips
Grated carrot
Lemon juice

Optional: crumble some feta cheese or zataar for an extra flavour.

Enjoy these great snacks with family or even to prepare for your lunchbox to work! It really is a veggie-energy-booster!

20140123-070848 am.jpg


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