Healthy pasta – spaghetti blogonese with feta cheese and veggies

21 Jan

20140121-070621 am.jpg
When having pasta for dinner, there’s to things you need to MAKE sure you do to prevent overeating too many starchy calories that will do you no good.
1.) go for the wholewheat – even more delicious
2. Mount up those veggies

With my brown pasta i boiled some broccoli and cabbage. It just adds an edge to the meal and makes it more interesting.

Add the mince meat – cook with fresh tomatoes to prevent using canned tomato sauces and add a few basil leaves for that extra flavour. Use OLIVE OIL!

Finally, cheese is known to be high in cholestrol, but a perfect pasta dish isnt complete without being topped with cheese, and we’re not preventing ourselves from ANYTHING. sprinkle some feta cheese on top, it adds saltiness and an amazing taste, perfect with the mince meat!

Finally – my favourate part – spices!! I added some cayenne and black pepper to boost up those flavours even more!

Who said you cant enjoy a healthy spaghetti dish?


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