Why breaking bad deserves the hype…

16 Jan

Another non-health related, breaking bad review. So i have been procrastinating and spending my time watching the famous breaking bad which i have heard sooo much about, except watching breaking bad really didn’t feel like procrastinating, theres just so much you can get out of it about the truth about humans, our selfishness and family and life its so worth your time!
Let me just say that i’m writing this post right after watching the season finale, so i am dull of adrenaline and will be writing based on complete instinctive thoughts that i’v had throughout the amazing 5 seasons of this revolutionary show!

Warning: there is most probably going to be spoilers so if you haven’t watched the show yet -(i say yet, because you will!) then stop reading and go press play!

The reason i loved the show so much is because of the many complex characters and relationships, comparing how much they change from the first till last season and how that gradual change happens.

I love how the director chooses to always add flashbacks in season 5, or a sneak peek at the future, it just emphasies the huge change that has happened in walter, how little self-confidence he has and how getting a little bit of power makes you such a different person, how getting a taste of something good which you have been deprived from just makes you mad, the only thing to do is want more! Human beings love power and they love being in control, when someone hasn’t had that opportunity – in walter’s case when the “grey matter” was taken away from him, that regret, that “i could have been so much better” makes you so much more vulnerable.

The role reversal between jessie and walt is so realistic! Even through everything that jessie had done, no one can stop empathizing with him in seasons 4 and 5. Our human instinctive feelings are really portrayed in walt, the way he acts towards jessie and everyone else, you can see the humbleness he feels only when he is with jessie, jessie is the one who saw him go through this evolution within himself and i guess it makes them have the biggest relatable thing in walt’s life, jessie is the only one who knows both sides of walt’s story – the full walt and not half.

The first hints that walt begins to continue cooking merely for the power and money can be seen as a dellision, a madness and an obsession which – to some extent- can be acceptable. His original reason of supporting his family was merely twisted and faded away. However, the repetition of these episodes of his realization of what he has become, the difficulty he puts his family in, and the evident change in the whole status quo does not stop him to think and realize to stop, this makes one wonder wether from the beginning, from the first second, that first thought of cooking meth was all to get the power and wealth he was deprived of during the “grey matter” incident, and was only hidden behind his cancer and family, walt was even lying to himself, he was not aware of the real reason he truly wanted to start cooking.
Indid love the ending! I really did!aybe a few too many innocent people died, but that just makes it so much more realistic. Seeing that yes, everyone thankfully ended up with a mediocre normal life- skyler with her 2 children will survive and so will jessie in a new chance at life, nobody ended up having a better life than season 1, all this was for nothing! Even removing all the deaths of innocent people the outcome was still not better than before, i guess it shows the truth about this business.

The most emotional scene for me in that episode was the “reunion” of jessie and walter. Their relationship is just so special, its on another level to any other fictional relationship i have read or seen, after many years of both basically being “imprisoned” their physical appearance nearly the same. When jessie walks into the room and how walt had planned the whole thing making sure jessie would be saved! Ah too many emotions in one scene!


One Response to “Why breaking bad deserves the hype…”

  1. alisonsye January 16, 2014 at 8:28 pm #

    Great review. I loved it too.

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