Pear and gorgonzola cheese

15 Jan

We all must have that guilty pleasure and it is obviously perfectly acceptable for us to be able to enjoy it once in a while. Thankfully, my guilty pleasure isn’t something too high in calorie and nothing deep fried, and so i can enjoy it more often, even turning it towards a healthy meal – my guilty pleasure…..

Gorgonzola cheese!
It goes perfectly with fruit which are my absolute favourite thing in the whole world! So what’s better than some sweet cheese and fruit salad?

I hate the belief that some people have that salad is “strictly vegetables” there is a whole world out there of nuts and beans and fruits that you can add to “spice up” your salad and make it so much more tempting to eat and just as healthy!!! By sticking to the old tomato cucumber lettuce trio – no wonder people find it soo difficult to add more salads to their main meals.
Baby spinach
1 small pear
1 chopped cucumber
Gorgonzola cheese crumbled

I didn’t want to add any more ingredients just for the sole reason of making it simple and easy to prepare for lunch or dinner from usual ingredients you would have in the fridge, i think thats a very big reason why many people end up not having salads, they just cant be bothered to make it, so if you make it easier for yourself, you’re bound to enjoy more and more salads to nourish your body and fuel it with good things it deserves 🙂

20140115-070518 am.jpg


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