A day in the life – diet plan

8 Jan

I decided to dedicate this post to give you guys an idea of what a day in my “food” life looks like. Although it’s quite different each day and this shouldn’t be the “perfect” example of what to consume. I believe that changing things up is actually really important, sometimes there may be nutrients and substances that are missing from your diet without you even realizing it and you thinking that you have a perfectly balanced diet. By changing it up, buying a different variety of fruit and veggies or even nuts can prevent that from happening, and its just so much more interesting!!

So today i started off with a bigger breakfast, i’v been aiming to do that as breakfast IS the most important meal of the day and it really does keep me full till school is over and its lunchtime.

For breakfast i had a superbowl of oats with my homemade peanut butter (just peanuts) some low fat greek yogurt, flaked almonds, flaxseed and a drizzle of honey.

Lunch was a huuge salad of raw baby spinach, lettuce, carrots and tomato. Seasoned with some lemon juice and a. Tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil as well as some chicken and cayenne and black pepper. I really don’t understand people who dont eat salads!

With a big pile of maths homework waiting to be done, i had a square of organic dark chocolate just to keep my feelings high 🙂 its also a great extra for the heart!

A good workout at the gym is always a highlight of a successful day. Whats better than a good kick-ass sweat? Post-workout snack was some greek yogurt topped with apples and kiwis.

And finally, finish the day off with a simple, low calorie and warm soup to keep me warm and cosy at night. Celery lentil and carrot soup 🙂

This was with an extra snack of a clementine, a small plum and some more tea!

This just proves that you actually eat more bigger portions and never keep yourself hungry but still healthy and fit!

20140108-070443 pm.jpg


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