A good cuppa tea!

7 Jan

20140107-035007 pm.jpg

I have taken drinking a few too many cups of tea a day for granted, especially with the winter making an appearance, its just that much more acceptable by society to drink THAT much tea!

For those of you who are not tea drinkers, i am here to convert you. To introduce you to this amazing way of life that can only bring joy and relaxation, it is also a form of art, you can never get bored of having tea because – unlike what some people beleive – there’s so many different kinds and it has literally become a habit for me to stare at the tea box for a good 2 minuets just deciding on which tea bag to pick.

So, ill start off with the boring stuff that you may or may not have heard 1000 times.

The benefits of tea
– great antioxidant
– cancer prevention
– great to warm you up
– to stop cravings
– better source of caffeine
– some teas can calm you down

The thing i love about tea, is that you can have it any time of day, doing any activity.

In the morning you can enjoy a luscious dark black english breakfast, to give you just the right amount of caffeine to keep you going before heading off to work.

A cup of green tea before or after lunch, just makes you feel nourished and cleansed, the food will go down easier and you wont feel the need to overeat or bloated by the end of your lunch.

Earl’s grey. Quite a strong taste, i usually keep my teabag in for just under a minuet. This ones for a day full of brainwork, i usually need that before starting my homework which makes that mountain of booms and handouts just that little bit more possible.

And just before you go to bed, that hour where you’re not really hungry but itching to open the cupboard and start snacking while you’re watching your daily tv series, thats the time to make yourself some jasmine/ chamomile/ peppermint/ forest fruit tea. The list is endless and it will really keep your hands off the junk as well as prepare you for a great night of sleeep!

You can enjoy your tea and make it your own by adding:
Cinnamon sticks
Mint leaves
Drizzle of honey

I hope i’v converted you all to become tea lovers with me 🙂

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