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31 Jan

I was debating wether i should use that cheesy title and decided to embarrass myself in public and go for it – so excuse the pun!
Now – another day another smoothie its ‘carrot cake smoothie’ – it was so creamy and thick that i couldn’t resist enjoying it with a spoon instead of drinking it. I can have this day and night but the bad news – too much carrots increase the level of beta-carotene In your blood making your skin turn pale yellow, and although carrots have a mountain of benefits; you need to make sure that you don’t have a carrot overdose.

1 orange
2 medium carrots
Handful chopped celery sticks
Handful of walnuts
Ice cubes
2 pitted dates

20140129-033836 pm.jpg


Energy bowl done right!

30 Jan

20140130-065532 am.jpg

I do always live to whip up a good bowl to boost me with the energy i need and with a huge maths test coming up and a pile of revision to do i really needed the right brain food to keep me going and this was just what i needed.

I might have gotten over excited about my new little ‘invention’ but this really is sososososo goood!

2 tablespoons low fat greek yogurt
1 tablespoon cottage cheese
Half a chopped apple
2 tablespoons raw quaker oats
1 teaspoon honey
Raisins – handful
Sunflower seeds

Start by mixing the yogurt, cottage cheese and cinnamon.
Mix in the apples and seeds.
Place oats and some cinnamon on a pan on very low heat until lightly roasted – sprinkle on top of bowl and drizzle with honey!

If this is not a delicious desert/food/snack/best way to go through revision – then i don’t know WHAT is!

This was my afternoon snack but kept me soo full and satisfied i wasn’t even hungry at dinner time! It really is the best jumble of goodness!

Herb and veggie bowl

28 Jan

I love a lovely colourful bowl full of fresh cut vegetables but, its too tempting to just cut up my vegetables and leave them as they are, there’s so many extra twists you can add to your veggie bowl that will make it just as healthy and nutritious but also ‘spice it up’- literally! This is a great light dinner if you’re trying to keep your calories low when it gets closer to bedtime but its also a great idea if you’re struggling to increase your veggie consumption throughout the day. It’s a great twist for those of you who might have gotten either bored of salads or just don’t like the idea of salads (which let me tell you – salads are the best – nobody should hate on salads!)

You can easily chop and jumble this up and leave it in the fridge maximum from the night before, if you know you know you’ll be in a hurry the next day!

2 chopped cucumbers
2 chopped medium carrots
1/4 cup chopped celery
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
Cayenne pepper ( depends how daring you can get!!)
Lemon juice

Yes! I know! Absolutely irresistible!

20140128-094334 pm.jpg

Brown rice bowl

28 Jan

Rice is one of those things which can go nicely with a lot of foods; brown rice is a great source of fibre and will keep you energetic for a longer period of time. The only thing you need to be careful of when have rice for lunch is not to accidentally overeat, its easy to eat lots of rice without realizing.

To make sure that you enjoy the lovely health benefits of brown rice but not get too high on these calories and carbs, mix in lots of nutritious veggies into your rice. That way you can enjoy a huuge portion with better taste and keeping you much more satisfied but with overall less calories!

1/2 cup brown rice
1/4 cup chopped celery
1/4 cup green beans
1/2 cup boiled broccoli
Black pepper
Cayenne pepper

Its just a firework of flavours, with a grilled chicken breast and a side of lettuce and tomato this is the best nutritious meal with a balance of all you need. Ditch those fried chicken fingers and chips, this is real food!!!!

20140128-023337 pm.jpg

Double Vegetable wrap

25 Jan

Everybody loves to bite into a good wrap every now and again, but while these “lighter” versions of sandwiches have been becoming more and more popular the unhealthy list of ingredients and toppings gets bigger and bigger!

So let’s give ‘wraps’ the healthy name they always deserved! Choose the right fillings and go all the way by using some flexible romaine lettuce instead of a tortilla if you’re really trying to shed off those extra pounds! – because there’s no such thing as too much veggies!

Large flexible romaine lettuce
Red pepper strips
Cucumber strips
Celery strips
Grated carrot
Lemon juice

Optional: crumble some feta cheese or zataar for an extra flavour.

Enjoy these great snacks with family or even to prepare for your lunchbox to work! It really is a veggie-energy-booster!

20140123-070848 am.jpg

Pomegranate and banana smoothie

21 Jan

Finally going back to the routine of transforming my fruits and veggies into luscious smoothies i’v really been reminded of why i used to be obsessed about smoothies.

After an intense session at the gym all your body really needs is something to replace all that energy you lost, and something to cool you down and make you feel refreshed. I don’t know about you guys but i’v never come back from a jog or from the gym craving a deep fried chicken sandwich with chips and extra cheese. Our body knows what it wants and it makes a good point of trying to let us know exactly what that is, wether before or the response we get after a meal should make you get a big picture of what your body responds and doesnt respond well to.

1 small banana
1/2 cup pomegranate seeds
1 cucumber
2 tablespoons low fat greek yogurt

That is all! Adding some veggies to my smoothie has really been a great decision and if you don’t already i HIGHLY recommend you try to add more and more veggies as a base to your smoothies!

20140121-042937 pm.jpg

Healthy pasta – spaghetti blogonese with feta cheese and veggies

21 Jan

20140121-070621 am.jpg
When having pasta for dinner, there’s to things you need to MAKE sure you do to prevent overeating too many starchy calories that will do you no good.
1.) go for the wholewheat – even more delicious
2. Mount up those veggies

With my brown pasta i boiled some broccoli and cabbage. It just adds an edge to the meal and makes it more interesting.

Add the mince meat – cook with fresh tomatoes to prevent using canned tomato sauces and add a few basil leaves for that extra flavour. Use OLIVE OIL!

Finally, cheese is known to be high in cholestrol, but a perfect pasta dish isnt complete without being topped with cheese, and we’re not preventing ourselves from ANYTHING. sprinkle some feta cheese on top, it adds saltiness and an amazing taste, perfect with the mince meat!

Finally – my favourate part – spices!! I added some cayenne and black pepper to boost up those flavours even more!

Who said you cant enjoy a healthy spaghetti dish?

Sweet potato and peanut butter

20 Jan

Just look at the colours of this healthy lunch!
I can have sweet potatoes for every meal for a year and not get bored, they are so amazing and -get that- SWEET!
They’re so good even by themselves, baked in the oven. But i like to get a bit creative as usual and so added some healthy fats to this meal, as well as extra protein and topped the sweet potato with some melted peanutbutter, and you can even top it off with some cinnamon. It really was heaven on earth!

20140120-014320 pm.jpg

Why breaking bad deserves the hype…

16 Jan

Another non-health related, breaking bad review. So i have been procrastinating and spending my time watching the famous breaking bad which i have heard sooo much about, except watching breaking bad really didn’t feel like procrastinating, theres just so much you can get out of it about the truth about humans, our selfishness and family and life its so worth your time!
Let me just say that i’m writing this post right after watching the season finale, so i am dull of adrenaline and will be writing based on complete instinctive thoughts that i’v had throughout the amazing 5 seasons of this revolutionary show!

Warning: there is most probably going to be spoilers so if you haven’t watched the show yet -(i say yet, because you will!) then stop reading and go press play!

The reason i loved the show so much is because of the many complex characters and relationships, comparing how much they change from the first till last season and how that gradual change happens.

I love how the director chooses to always add flashbacks in season 5, or a sneak peek at the future, it just emphasies the huge change that has happened in walter, how little self-confidence he has and how getting a little bit of power makes you such a different person, how getting a taste of something good which you have been deprived from just makes you mad, the only thing to do is want more! Human beings love power and they love being in control, when someone hasn’t had that opportunity – in walter’s case when the “grey matter” was taken away from him, that regret, that “i could have been so much better” makes you so much more vulnerable.

The role reversal between jessie and walt is so realistic! Even through everything that jessie had done, no one can stop empathizing with him in seasons 4 and 5. Our human instinctive feelings are really portrayed in walt, the way he acts towards jessie and everyone else, you can see the humbleness he feels only when he is with jessie, jessie is the one who saw him go through this evolution within himself and i guess it makes them have the biggest relatable thing in walt’s life, jessie is the only one who knows both sides of walt’s story – the full walt and not half.

The first hints that walt begins to continue cooking merely for the power and money can be seen as a dellision, a madness and an obsession which – to some extent- can be acceptable. His original reason of supporting his family was merely twisted and faded away. However, the repetition of these episodes of his realization of what he has become, the difficulty he puts his family in, and the evident change in the whole status quo does not stop him to think and realize to stop, this makes one wonder wether from the beginning, from the first second, that first thought of cooking meth was all to get the power and wealth he was deprived of during the “grey matter” incident, and was only hidden behind his cancer and family, walt was even lying to himself, he was not aware of the real reason he truly wanted to start cooking.
Indid love the ending! I really did!aybe a few too many innocent people died, but that just makes it so much more realistic. Seeing that yes, everyone thankfully ended up with a mediocre normal life- skyler with her 2 children will survive and so will jessie in a new chance at life, nobody ended up having a better life than season 1, all this was for nothing! Even removing all the deaths of innocent people the outcome was still not better than before, i guess it shows the truth about this business.

The most emotional scene for me in that episode was the “reunion” of jessie and walter. Their relationship is just so special, its on another level to any other fictional relationship i have read or seen, after many years of both basically being “imprisoned” their physical appearance nearly the same. When jessie walks into the room and how walt had planned the whole thing making sure jessie would be saved! Ah too many emotions in one scene!

Pear and gorgonzola cheese

15 Jan

We all must have that guilty pleasure and it is obviously perfectly acceptable for us to be able to enjoy it once in a while. Thankfully, my guilty pleasure isn’t something too high in calorie and nothing deep fried, and so i can enjoy it more often, even turning it towards a healthy meal – my guilty pleasure…..

Gorgonzola cheese!
It goes perfectly with fruit which are my absolute favourite thing in the whole world! So what’s better than some sweet cheese and fruit salad?

I hate the belief that some people have that salad is “strictly vegetables” there is a whole world out there of nuts and beans and fruits that you can add to “spice up” your salad and make it so much more tempting to eat and just as healthy!!! By sticking to the old tomato cucumber lettuce trio – no wonder people find it soo difficult to add more salads to their main meals.
Baby spinach
1 small pear
1 chopped cucumber
Gorgonzola cheese crumbled

I didn’t want to add any more ingredients just for the sole reason of making it simple and easy to prepare for lunch or dinner from usual ingredients you would have in the fridge, i think thats a very big reason why many people end up not having salads, they just cant be bothered to make it, so if you make it easier for yourself, you’re bound to enjoy more and more salads to nourish your body and fuel it with good things it deserves 🙂

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