Sweet omelette breakfast

31 Dec

The last breakfast of 2013. Wow! Its been an eventful year just like any other with lots of highs and lows, its always exciting to think of what new things you will learn from the year to come and even though you always end up wishing your loved ones “a happy new year, better than the one before” i think that is a little shallow and cliche, i think each year should be filled with the happy moments but also the difficult times, that is what will build you up as a person and that is what will make you reflect more on your life and really look at things from different perspectives.

So i wish you guys an eventful new year, one where you can have enough motivation and courage and lots of opportunities to look at your life in different ways, to be able to make changes and also grow up as a person, to be able to affect both yourself and the people around you. There will definitely be hard times and you just have to make the best of them.

My last ever breakfast of 2013 was a great cloudy and soft sweet omelete.

2 egg whites
1 small banana
2 tablespoons coconut milk

Mash the bananas and whisk in the rest of the ingredients, slightly spray a pan with some olive oil and wa-la!

It’s probably the first year i don’t have an actual new years resolution which i can name, but its also the first year which i feel there will be the most changes, maybe gradual but in pretty sure i will learn a lot of things this year. Wether its spiritual or about friends and family or even bout health and my life, nobody can ever be perfect and i think thats what makes us humans great, we can ALWAYS seize to improve!

I’ll stop with my cheesy ramble now and have a great night guys 🙂 it’s always okay to have a day off and treat yourself, but tomorrow is a new start for new goals 😀

20131231-011131 pm.jpg


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